As we say farewell to Daylight Savings, there is still time to appreciate autumn before winter and the hectic holiday season begins. A mental break from mundane routines and mandatory obligations is sometimes the best medicine of all.  Pregnant women should do small but meaningful tasks as they prepare for that sacred moment.  Here are a few ways to enjoy the remainder of autumn with meaning:

  • Appreciate the foliage while walking moderately for exercise
  • Visit a botanical garden and admire its beauty
  • first-time pregnant moms with partners: chronicle your time together in a photo journal as a couple prior to the baby’s arrival
  • Take advantage of healthy seasonal fruit and vegetables from your local farmer’s market
  • Order dinner at an outdoor restaurant and enjoy the fresh air
  • Treat you and your partner to a Romantic Getaway
  • Participate in Small Town Escapes
  • Visit your local museum
  • Have a leaf-raking party
  • Go apple picking
  • Visit your state park
  • Go on a hayride
  • Visit a local high school football game and cheer your team
  • If you reside in the North, observe the birds leaving; if you live in the South, observe the birds’ arrival

Sometimes the simplest and most profound moments in life are free. “Enjoy Autumn . . . the year’s last loveliest smile.”