Another Florida tragedy; when will it end?

Cassidy Goodson was a high school freshman who was knew her way around a baseball field. Chances are she might have earned a baseball scholarship to college if she had continued high school. Now, she will probably spend most of her life in jail.

Cassidy is a tiny girl, weighing a mere 100 pounds on her 5 foot frame. A pregnancy would have been difficult to conceal and it was. Although she wore baggy pants in the summer time, her aunts became suspicious and suspected their niece was pregnant but Cassidy’s mother was in denial and therein lies the problem.

Cassidy produced 2 negative pregnancy tests which satisfied her mother as her belly continued to grow. On a fateful night, she went into labor in her bathroom, stuff a towel in her mouth, attempted to push out a baby and when it wouldn’t budge, she grabbed a pair of scissors, performed a self-inflicted episiotomy and removed a 9.5 pound baby boy who was alive. She lifted him out of the toilet bowel, placed her hands around his neck, and then squeezed until he no longer breathed. She then hid the baby in a shoebox in her bedroom. The odor drew her mother’s attention; she discovered her dead grandson and called the police.

There are thousands of childless couples in the state of Florida who would have leaped at the chance of adopting this baby. I should know. I’m an adoptive mom. I have said this before and I shall repeat it again. The Abandoned Newborn Protection Act allows a newborn to be left anonymously at a hospital, police or fire station within 3 days of giving birth without an arrest. “No names. No blame. No shame.”

We do not help our children when we refuse to acknowledge their faults. Had Cassidy’s mother not been in a state of denial regarding her pregnancy, Baby Goodson might be alive today.