Lightening struck our home two days ago and I’ve been reeling ever since.  While in the midst of preparing dinner as my sons showered and my husband changed clothes, it began to pour buckets of rain.  The sky suddenly grew dark, thunder rolled and then we heard a massive explosion followed by a flash of light.  I just knew our house was on fire.  Wires hissed, I smelled smoke and then there was an eerie silence.  We discovered that the useless 50-foot palm tree that occupies our lawn was struck by lightening as was the sprinkler system and phone lines.  Sometimes the weather in Florida can be equally as bad as its politics.

 When the smoke cleared (no pun intended), my beloved desktop computer was fried; our water heater demolished; garage opener– gone; landline phones silenced; alarm system deadened and an extinguished fluorescent light in the laundry room.  The cable repairman stayed for four hours today yet we are STILL without phone and Internet service.  Whew, is Murphy is having a field day!

 When events of Biblical magnitude occur in my life, I immediately look for the lesson.  What did I do wrong NOW, God, I pondered and the answer was self-neglect.  I’ve been averaging three hours of sleep as I juggle a full-time stressful job, market a wonderful book, prepare for radio interviews, provide monthly consultations for an intense federal committee, take care of my active 7 and 8-year old sons and often neglected husband.  I doze off in the middle of dinner and have had to pay a punitive $30.00 late fee for detaining the staff of my children’s daycare center as a result of taking a much needed and unexpected “nap.” 

 Lord, I have duly received the message to slow down.  But did you have to be so dramatic?