The jury has spoken and Casey Anthony will be released in exactly seven days. Ironically, her release from jail falls on a Sunday, when most people are communing with their Lord. I wonder if that’s an omen.

Orlando is a small town, contrary to its prominent persona of tourist attractions. I should know. I’ve lived here for over 15 years. The Anthony trial was practically in my backyard and the presiding judge attends my church. Despite all of the hoopla, I didn’t pay much attention to the notoriety until the closing arguments of the case. It’s not that I didn’t care it’s just that nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the state of Florida. If it’s lewd, ridiculous, unethical and unfair, look for it to occur in Florida. I’m not going to pass judgment on Casey Anthony because the jury has spoken. But I never expected Anthony to ever see the light of day once the trial was over. But she will and let’s hope that the person who exits the jail is much different from the one who entered. Why? Because Anthony is young, presumably fertile and will probably become pregnant again. As a society, we need to provide her with a lesson in motherhood.

Children are our gifts and we as parents are their custodians, their nurturers and providers. We don’t own our children, they belong to our Creator. Unfortunately, they don’t come with a training manual; our experiences are usually based on trial and error. There is not a woman on this planet that has not experienced some level of anger or frustration either towards her children or her circumstances at some point in her life. Sometimes motherhood is a thankless job whose rewards are not immediately apparent. It involves delayed gratification, commitment, patience, and a profound sense of humor. Our children can be both our greatest source of happiness but also our greatest source of pain. It is a dichotomy, this vocation called motherhood. It is not for the faint of heart or an uncommitted soul. And it certainly isn’t for everyone. Therefore I implore Anthony to please consider all of her options before she ventures down the road of motherhood again. If she doesn’t want to have children, permanent sterilization is an option and if she has another child and decides that children are not part of her infamous tattoo that reads “Bella Vitta” or the good life, then please consider the option of adoption.

Caylee Anthony is dead. Neither a death sentence nor Casey’s freedom will ever resurrect her.