The Russians have a saying: “One who sits between two chairs may easily fall down.” Representative Kosmas, as a constituent in your 24th Congressional District and as a public health physician, thank you for having the courage to vote for healthcare reform. I know this was a difficult journey and that your professional career is on the line. However by voting for healthcare reform, you will be remembered in history as a pioneer who gave the American people a beacon of light and returned the “care” back in healthcare.

The healthcare bill is not perfect, I actually cried when I first read it. As a physician, I have witnessed the devastation that insurance dynasties have created by placing profit before people and billing codes before treatment. They thought they could marginalize physicians and nurses by referring to us as “providers.” They ignored our years of expertise and training. They annihilated the profession of medicine.

I know that the pharmaceutical and insurance lobbyists were bombarding you with temptation that would have been easy to deposit into the bank of future favors. However as a very wise man once said “What good does it profit a person to gain the whole world but forfeit his soul?”

Tomorrow, you will cast your vote and change the course of history. You have pushed through your fears and stepped into greatness. As your constituent, please rest assured that I will have your back.  You have earned both my trust and my vote in the next election. I will knock on doors for you. I will volunteer for you. I will be there for you in your time of celebration but also in your time of need. You are now the crown jewel of my congressional district. May God continue to bless you.