Just when I thought I had recovered from Michael Jackson’s death, my cousin sent me a link to a YouTube video that had me wailing as a beautiful scene unfolded.  My meltdown and sobbing weren’t tears of  sadness but an expression of gratitude regarding the splendor of the human experience.

As a native New Yorker, I know how creative New Yorkers can get, sometimes in a moment’s notice.  In the midst of a subway ride, strangers got together and had a dance party to MJ’s PYT (Pretty Young Thing).  Young people of all nationalities were jamming in a packed subway car in tribute to Michael Jackson.  And if I had been on that train, I would have been jamming too. Only someone touched by God could bring such a diversity of people together under the umbrella of magnificent music.

Sometimes the death of a loved one hurls life into its proper perspective.   Watching this video reminded me that some of the greatest moments in life are those that are unrehearsed.