The pleas for help for murdered Jennifer Synder from beyond the grave seemed to have fallen on deaf ears until now. Independent filmmaker Tracy Schott, who is also a former social worker is in the midst of changing that. Finding Jenn’s Voice “is a feature length documentary that examines the murder of Jennifer Snyder and the risks of intimate partner homicide during pregnancy. The film challenges us to pay attention to the little known and understood facts about Intimate Partner Violence in this country, while engaging viewers with a story about one young woman who died before she could find her voice.”

Finding Jenn’s Voice is a requiem for the deceased and a wake-up call for the living. Schott’s insightful film demonstrates that on any given day, a pregnant woman could lose her life simply because she’s carrying someone’s child. It’s a horrific crime. It’s wrong but what are we as citizens of a civil society doing to stop it?

I respect people’s money and I would NEVER ask anyone to contribute to a cause that I didn’t believe in. I have no financial ties with Tracy’s project but I believe in her vision. Too many white, brown and black pregnant women are desecrated by men who had professed to love them. I had blogged about this issue three years ago when I wrote 7 Reasons Why Pregnancy Becomes a Deadly Affair. I respectfully ask all of my readers to consider making a donation to Finding Jenn’s Voice. Yesterday it was Jenn. Tomorrow it could be you.

Please click on this link to the campaign to learn how you can support the film:

And PLEASE share this information with your friends! Peace and blessings.