Courtesy of WPIX 11

Sometimes a woman gives birth to a child, but due to circumstances beyond her control, she relinquishes that child to a social service agency, a friend or at times, even a stranger. This child may be placed with the most loving family, but there’s still a burning desire to know who she is and why she was given away. In most cases, there’s an invisible bond between the child and the mother but not always.  Sometimes people spend their whole life seeking their roots only to be disappointed when they find them. Fortunately, that was no t the case of Malondya Holt and her mother, Lucy.  This story is dedicated to all those mothers who had to make the difficult decision of leaving their children in the care of someone else. You might have left your child through no fault of your own, but God sometimes finds a way to bring them back home.  Congratulations Madondya and Lucy. Mary Murphy, this was an awesome story!