Meet Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway

Her goal has always been to help people, and social work seemed to be an appropriate career at the time. However, a few months after graduation, she felt called to do something but had no idea what. In 1981 on a hot summer night, she witnessed the birth of a baby while working as a volunteer in Harlem Hospital in New York, and the trajectory of her life changed forever.

Six years later, she graduated from Boston University School of Medicine, and in 1991, she finished her ob/gyn residency training at the very institution where she witnessed her first delivery—at Harlem Hospital, a Columbia University teaching hospital.

Dr. Burke-Galloway’s passion for babies inspired her to provide quality healthcare to medically underserved women, many of whom had high-risk problems. She is an expert in recognizing and managing obstetrical risks before they spin out of control and has prevented potential disasters for both mothers and their unborn babies. She is also a medical malpractice consultant for the federal government.

Her first book, The Smart Mother’s Guide to a Better Pregnancy: How to Minimize Risks, Avoid Complications, and Have a Healthy Baby, is a labor of love written to help pregnant women receive the highest standard of prenatal care and avoid being victims of preventable medical errors. It has been five years in the making, written in the midst of maintaining a very busy public health practice.

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U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin

Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway and U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin