I’m a physician, a Columbia University graduate, and I supported you for President. However, this watered-down “healthcare” bill is TRAGIC!! Not only is this a gift to the insurance companies but I will now have to pay triple premiums because I have a “pre-existing condition.” I’m extremely disappointed in you! Our House of Representatives had more courage than all of you.

You’ve heard the horror stories of American people held hostage by insurance companies. As a public health physician, I’ve witnessed it first-hand. I can’t order a diagnostic test without first providing an ICD Code and the name of the patient’s insurance  company. It’s all about getting paid.

I have to fight for the dignity and health of my patients on a daily basis. I had a pregnant patient with uncontrolled Diabetes denied a hospital admission because she had Medicaid. This is NOT change that we can believe in. I’m sitting at my computer wailing with grief. You’ve given the insurance companies everything that they wanted. Regretfully, I will NOT be voting for you or any other Democrat in the next election. I will sit home instead and pray for the day when compassion outweighs money, egos and politics.

The Democratic Senators are nothing but a pack of dealmakers dedicated to vested self-interests. You have made me ashamed to be a Democrat. You have failed the American people.

May God have mercy on your misguided souls.