One of the most miraculous chapters of life is the act of conception and the mysterious factors of birth; such is the case of Mrs. Julia Grovenburg who happens to be pregnant with two babies that were conceived at different times within her menstrual cycle. While twins occur in 3. 2% of 4 million annual U.S. births there have only been 10 reported cases of a women becoming pregnant who was ALREADY pregnant. According to Good Morning America Grovenburg received the shock of her life when a routine ultrasound revealed that another smaller fetus was growing inside of her.

The condition called superfetation has been seen primarily in horses, but is extremely rare in humans. So rare, in fact, that I could not find mention of this condition in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists search engine. This condition poses several possible health related conditions; and what’s even more ironic is that if the babies are born on their due dates they will be born in entirely two different years!

These are the types of occurrences that keep physicians humble and there is much to be learned from her case. I will continue to observe Mrs. Grovenburg’s pregnancy.

Please, stay tuned.

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