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Test 4

This is only a test

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Dr. Linda Has Returned and Is Launching a Prenatal App

Hi, pregnant moms. Thanks so much for your patience as we continue to hammer out “glitches” on my website. Would you believe that my former webmaster just disappeared in thin air leaving me hanging? As […]


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Test 2

Test 2. Dear Viewers. Unfortunately, this website is having technical difficulties that we have been trying to resolve for 3 days. We may have to switch to a Plan B. Please bear with us and […]

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Dr. Linda Returns and Dances the KangaGroove

Hi Pregnant Moms and Readers.

After a long delay in posting because of “Life” spelled with a capital “L,” I have returned to welcome you to 2016. I’ve missed all of you and feel very blessed to […]

“She Died Because She was Pregnant”


Those words were articulated by Lieutenant Brian Tobin, chief investigator of the death of 27 year old Jennifer Snyder. Snyder was a pregnant veterinarian technician who was murdered […]

Dance Your Way Through Labor!!


Creativity is the spice of life and what better way to bring life into the world in a fun way? At Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, one patient […]

Pregnant Moms: Dr. Linda has a New Blog!!


Hi pregnant moms. Because you’re part of my family, I wanted to share some good news. I’ve started a new blog entitled, “Dr Linda’s Journey” which describes my challenges […]

Do Pregnant Women Receive Excessive Ultrasounds?


The July 18th issue of the Wall Street Journal published an article about the excessive use of ultrasounds performed by commercial ultrasound businesses and physicians for low-risk pregnant […]

July, New Interns and Hospital Mistakes. Heads up Pregnant Moms!


June 30th is traditionally a day of celebration for most senior residents. It’s the last day of their residency training and the beginning of new careers. I remember […]