Why does everything in healthcare have to be so complicated? You would think that the pregnant wife of a Navy seal would receive more respect. While her husband defends our freedom in unknown parts of the world, the bureaucratic knot controlling her healthcare pulls tighter.

The patient had a previous life-threatening complication and is at risk for it to recur.  I had personally spoken with a high-risk specialist (Dr. A) who assured me that his institution would see her and when I mentioned her military insurance he didn’t think it was a problem. Unfortunately, he was wrong. His institution did not accept her insurance. Physician employees have no control regarding the patients that we see thanks to our unyielding billing departments.

The number of delivering obstetricians has declined over the years because of exorbitant malpractice premiums. The challenge I faced was finding a high risk obstetrician who would manage her care AND attend to her birth. I contacted a high-risk colleague (Dr. B) who stated that he could provide consultations, but not the delivery. I then contacted the CEO of a specialty hospital in hopes of changing their policy regarding rejecting the patient’s insurance. However instead of speaking with the CEO, I was referred to their hospital’s “business” director. He was extremely helpful and made an astounding discovery. Their hospital will accept the patient’s insurance for the delivery but not for high-risk consultations. He was very apologetic, and offered the name of the very same high-risk colleague (Dr. B) as a referral source. So, tomorrow I will call Dr. B (again), beg him to accept the patient’s insurance and provide the high-risk consultations. If the patient has problems, she should go to Dr. A’s high-risk hospital for further evaluation. The patient has a military HMO plan that pays lower fees and is now runs the risk of falling through the proverbial cracks.

Our military wives deserve better. Can someone PLEASE fix this?