Peeping Toms, Breast Pumps and Obamacare

While political extremists continue to have a meltdown and hold our country hostage, there is a recent court decision that illustrates just how far a woman’s rights are protected under the Affordable Care Act, aka […]

Why Heartless Healthcare is Not a Good Thing for Pregnant Women

When you try to do the right thing in medicine, it’s a very lonely walk. I’ve been a physician for over two decades but have yet to develop immunity to hospital politics and corporate agendas. […]

Surgery While Pregnant

Pregnancy is certainly not the optimum time to have a surgical procedure however there are certain conditions when it is necessary. The most compelling reasons to have surgery while pregnant include acute appendicitis, gallstones that […]

Things Your OB is Too Embarrassed to Tell You

If it appears that the number of ob-gyn physicians in private practice is shrinking, it’s not a figment of your imagination; it’s real. There are a burgeoning number of obstetricians who can no longer pay […]

Can We Please Show Our Military Moms-to-Be Some Love?

Why does everything in healthcare have to be so complicated? You would think that the pregnant wife of a Navy seal would receive more respect. While her husband defends our freedom in unknown parts of […]

Physicians Will Quit? Why Now?

The Basil and Spice article, Doctors Will Quit Under New Healthcare Proposals really touched a raw nerve. The author, Dr. Jeffrey English, an Atlanta neurologist proposed that physicians will “quit” because of government healthcare involvement. Dr. […]

A Love Letter to My Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas

The Russians have a saying: “One who sits between two chairs may easily fall down.” Representative Kosmas, as a constituent in your 24th Congressional District and as a public health physician, thank you for having […]

Why Most VBACs Are Denied

A blue-ribbon panel of physicians, midwives and other healthcare providers convened at the National Institute of Health to discuss the dilemma of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). At the end of the three-day-conference, they issued […]

Hospital Fraud Finally Exposed

Kudos to CNN reporter Elizabeth Cohen for reporting on hospital waste; the “open” secret has now been revealed.  See Healthcare Industry Sick With Medical Waste. Physicians and nurses have known about inflated hospital charges for […]

Will Americans Die Because They Are Poor?

“Let them eat cake” was the response uttered by a French aristocrat upon learning that her impoverished citizens did not have bread to eat. The US State Medicaid offices have essentially said the same thing. […]