Dying to Have a Baby: The Death of a 56-Year Old Mother of Twins


It happened again; another heart-breaking horror story. In less than 2 weeks after reporting about the death of Erica Morales, a first-time 36 year old mother who […]

Pregnant Mother Who Drove into the Ocean Will Remain in Hospital

Thank God for common sense. For once, the state of Florida has done something right and kept Ebony Wilkerson, (the 32 year old pregnant mom who drove her kids into the ocean) into a hospital […]

Remembering my Soror Dawn: A Preeclampsia Victim

As a young girl growing up in a small Long Island town called Amityville, Memorial Day was a huge holiday filled with parades and barbeques. I would inevitably end up at my friend Diane’s backyard […]

You’re Pregnant and Your Local Hospital Closed. Now What?

Today will be a day of mourning for pregnant women who are uninsured and receiving Medicaid in Houma, Louisiana. Their local hospital closed its maternity and neonatal units because of a $2.9 million dollar budget […]

Alcohol: Is An Occasional Drink Really OK During Pregnancy?

A recent medical study by Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff of the Children’s Research Triangle asserts that Hispanic women who have assimilated to American culture have a greater risk of having children born with fetal alcohol […]

Are Twins Considered a High Risk Pregnancy?

Twin pregnancies have always kept me in wonder and awe, especially at the time of a delivery. At present, they represent 33% of all live births and their numbers are rising thanks to the increase […]

Could the Tragedy of Patricia Garcia Have Been Avoided?

In the wee hours of the morning, Patricia Garcia took her last breath and made her transition. Her death was not a total surprise, she had almost died before. Garcia was 39 years old and […]

7 Reasons Why Pregnancy Becomes a Deadly Affair

The New York Times had a recent article about 18 year-old Jeffrey Knox, a college football player who was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend after she informed him that she was pregnant. He allegedly […]

An Unbelievable Tale Of Revenge

Just when I think that I’ve seen and heard it all, I read yet another bizarre story that proves me wrong.  Last month CNN reported a story about a woman who had attempted to end […]

An All Too Familiar Horror Story

The tragedy of Roshunda Abney, (Las Vegas Review, Woman Says She Was Ignored in ER, Paul Harasim ) occurs much too often. She went home after a six-hour hospital wait, and returned with a dead baby.

Abney was […]