Pregnant Moms, Please Don’t Over Do It on Super Bowl Sunday

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The excitement is building as America gets ready to celebrate its unofficial holiday – Super Bowl Sunday. Some women will celebrate because they will finally have their partners back while others will celebrate because their beloved teams made it to the championship game. Whatever the reason for celebrating, rest assured that at the heart of each individual celebration is food. Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day of U.S. food consumption right after Thanksgiving. So what will people be eating? How about —

• 12.;5 million pizzas
• 11.2 million pounds of chips
• 1.25 billion *yes, BILLION with the letter “B” chicken wings

• 48 million takeout meals
• 121 grams of fat
• 2400 calories
• 8 million pounds of guacamole

Pregnant moms, somewhere in the midst of celebrating, you will either be offered food or preparing it. Here are some rules that will keep you out of the Emergency or Labor Room:

• Watch the pizza, chips and chicken because of their high content of fat. Your gallbladder is not working at full capacity during pregnancy and has a tendency to form stones. The last thing you need is to have a gallbladder attach during half-time

• Beer is probably not a good thing to drink while pregnant because of the alcohol content which could potentially lower your platelets (the part of the blood that prevents you from bleeding to death) and could possibly harm the baby

• Believe it or not, the most consumed meal during the Super Bowl is (drum roll –) vegetables!! Yes, according to several print media outlets, vegetables is the most consumed meal on Super Bowl Sunday so eat your heart out make sure they are well rinsed before eating to avoid infections

East wisely, safely and may the best team win!

What Are the Most Important Symptoms a Pregnant Woman Should Never Ignore?

When a woman becomes pregnant, we immediately think happy thoughts: a new addition to the family, a new grandchild, the baby shower, what colors to paint the nursery and of course, the challenging role of becoming a parent. We make the assumption that everything will be okay during the pregnancy but sometimes it’s not. Complications can occur during the pregnancy, during labor and even after the baby is born.

The human body is a fascinating creation and it speaks to us if we have the wisdom to listen. The ability to recognize the “language” of the body can save our lives, especially during pregnancy. What are the symptoms that pregnant women need to recognize?

  1. A headache that occurs during the late second or third trimester and doesn’t go away with acetaminophen. This is one of the beginning signs of pre-eclampsia
  2. Bleeding during pregnancy. There is no such thing as “normal” bleeding or spotting. Bleeding could signify an infection or a problem with the placenta. A pelvic exam should be done as well as an ultrasound.
  3. Gaining 5 pounds or more in one week. This is not normal and could represent the beginning of pre-eclampsia
  4. Back pain that that is beyond a 5/10 scale, especially if it moves to the front of your abdomen. This is a sign of preterm labor until proven otherwise. This requires an phone call to your provider and a trip to labor and delivery
  5. Fever and chills could represent an infection called chorioamnionitis which could directly affect the unborn baby
  6. A headache or high blood pressure that continues AFTER the baby is born. Pre-eclampsia can last for several weeks after birth
  7. Not able to have a bowel movement after a c-section. This could possibly indicate a complication called “bowel obstruction” and is a surgical emergency. You should not be discharged from the hospital until you’ve had a bowel movement

Recognizing these seven symptoms could potentially save your life. Remember, a healthy pregnancy doesn’t just happen. It takes a smart mother who knows what to do.

Erica Morales Delivers Four Babies and Then Dies: Another Pregnancy Tragedy

Erica Morales’ last Facebook message was dated January 15th and simply said, “Prayers please. 5 o’clock C Section.” Now, she speaks from Heaven.

Erica was 36 year old and wanted to become a mother after marrying her soul mate, Carols, in 2007. She worked at the University of Phoenix and was also a real estate agent. Carlos worked in manufacturing. Like millions of other couples, they desired a family but encountered stumbling blocks. Through infertility treatments, their dream came true. Erica became pregnant with four babies.

Carrying four babies at the age of 36 is a serious affair, especially if it’s a first pregnancy. One anticipates that the babies will come early and the risk of developing high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia is significant.

Pre-eclampsia is a deadly pregnancy condition that involves high blood pressure, swelling and protein in the urine. It can cause strokes and women die. The only treatment is delivering the baby because there is something in the placenta that keeps the blood pressure high until it is removed.

Although the hospital will not release the cause of death because of patient privacy issues, one can assume that Erica possibly died from either pre-eclampsia or a hemorrhage. Her blood pressure was reportedly 190/90 which caused her to be admitted to the hospital at 31 weeks. She had a cesarean section and according to her best friends, “never got a chance to hold the babies.”She delivered at a hospital that has high risk specialists so it’s assumed that she received the best care however I do have some concerns:

• I hope the decision to deliver the babies wasn’t delayed because of their prematurity
• I hope someone recognized the subtle signs of pre-eclampsia
• I hope the hospital did simulations or practice drills prior to Erica’s delivery in anticipation of a potential problem

Despite all of our medical advances and sophisticated technology, women are still dying in childbirth. It’s frustrating and it hurts.