A Defeat That Should Have Never Happened!

I hope someone out there is just as outraged as I am. Sixty U.S. Senators cut deals instead of doing the will of the American people and now we’ve lost Ted Kennedy’s seat. This is […]

Health Care Reform: An Unkept Promise

 When I heard the final Senate version of the healthcare reform bill, I had a complete meltdown (please see An Open Letter to President Obama). I had been sucker-punched by people who I thought I […]

The Betrayal by Congresswoman Kosmas

No, I’m not psychic, but I can spot a snake-in-the grass when I see one.  The procrastination and fence-sitting of Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas regarding healthcare reform were red flags that she clearly had another agenda.  […]

Invoking the Miraculous: A Case for the Public Health Option

If JT had private insurance and not Florida Medicaid, her baby would probably be dead. 

JT’s pregnancy was miraculous, considering she had conceived with only one fallopian tube and ovary and she had no prior children.  […]

President Obama, Please Rock the Boat

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

President Obama, don’t even try it.  If you think that eliminating the public health option would enhance healthcare reform, please think again.  There IS no reform without the public health […]