An OB Nightmare: Mom Dies after Giving Birth to Twins

It’s an obstetrician’s worst nightmare and it continues to happen on a daily basis. The story of Michal Lura Friedman brings tears to my eyes. After 7 years of trying, the 44 year old songwriter […]

Dilemma: Hospital Says Leave When You Think You Should Stay

The story of Tanya* is compelling. She was 24 weeks pregnant with her third child and the hospital was threatening to send her home. Two years ago, she faced similar circumstances and delivered a baby […]

A Journey to Motherhood via Ethiopia (Part 1)

Independence Day always reminds me of my mother whose birthday fell two days prior to the holiday. My mom made her transition almost ten years ago but in her honor, I’d like to share a […]

Every Eight Seconds a Baby is Born: A Love Letter to Pregnant Moms

According to, there is a baby born in the U.S. every 8 seconds, a figure that is both staggering and exhilarating.  As an obstetrician, my greatest desires is for all 11,803 babies born each […]

Health Care Reform: An Unkept Promise

 When I heard the final Senate version of the healthcare reform bill, I had a complete meltdown (please see An Open Letter to President Obama). I had been sucker-punched by people who I thought I […]