Letting Go

The metaphors of life can sometimes be seen in the most mundane occurrences. But actually they’re not mundane, they’re significant beyond measure and can serve as our greatest teachers. A few days ago, I bought […]

A Sad Beginning, a Beautiful Ending: Finding Your Mom after 38 Years

Sometimes a woman gives birth to a child, but due to circumstances beyond her control, she relinquishes that child to a social service agency, a friend or at times, even a stranger. This child may […]

Dying to Have a Baby: The Death of a 56-Year Old Mother of Twins


It happened again; another heart-breaking horror story. In less than 2 weeks after reporting about the death of Erica Morales, a first-time 36 year old mother who […]

Erica Morales Delivers Four Babies and Then Dies: Another Pregnancy Tragedy

Erica Morales’ last Facebook message was dated January 15th and simply said, “Prayers please. 5 o’clock C Section.” Now, she speaks from Heaven.

Erica was 36 year old and wanted to become a mother after marrying […]

Pregnant Moms, Can You Recognize the Signs of Pre-Eclampsia?

May is Pre-eclampsia Awareness Month, a time of mourning for many who have lost their loved ones in childbirth or shortly thereafter. The old-fashioned term is toxemia and includes a combination of high blood pressure […]

A Mother’s Day Tribute from a Beloved Son – Kevin Durant

As a mother of two middle-school athletes, oh, how I can relate to what Kevin Durant’s mom must have went through. Getting up at dreadful hours of the morning, buying new sneakers for ever-expanding […]