Letting Go

The metaphors of life can sometimes be seen in the most mundane occurrences. But actually they’re not mundane, they’re significant beyond measure and can serve as our greatest teachers. A few days ago, I bought […]

Erica Morales Delivers Four Babies and Then Dies: Another Pregnancy Tragedy

Erica Morales’ last Facebook message was dated January 15th and simply said, “Prayers please. 5 o’clock C Section.” Now, she speaks from Heaven.

Erica was 36 year old and wanted to become a mother after marrying […]

An Open Letter of Apology to Melissa Rivers

Dear Melissa,

I owe you an apology on behalf of my irresponsible medical colleagues who let their shallow ego cloud their clinical judgment and ultimate killed your mother.

I took the death of your mother personally because […]

Pregnancy for Sale


Being told that your body will never be able to reproduce is beyond painful – I’ve been there. But should procreation become a business at any cost?
In a recent New York Times article, we are […]

What Pregnant Women Need to Know About 5,797 Work-Related Complaints

The Washington Post recently published a story about mammoth retailer Wal-mart’s new policy that allows pregnant women more options so that they can continue to work even late into their pregnancy. While this change of […]

Pregnant Mother Who Drove into the Ocean Will Remain in Hospital

Thank God for common sense. For once, the state of Florida has done something right and kept Ebony Wilkerson, (the 32 year old pregnant mom who drove her kids into the ocean) into a hospital […]

Should a 36-week Pregnant Woman Compete in the Olympics?

Malaysian shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi’s participation in the Olympics makes me nervous but I can understand her dilemma. It’s not every day that a woman receives the opportunity participate in such a renowned event, […]

Down Syndrome: Is It Wrong To Be Born?

Is it wrong to be born? That question was asked in front of an Oregon jury who responded in a resounding yes with a guilty verdict of 12 to 0 against Legacy Center for Maternal […]

Rick Santorum: Stop Using Pregnant Women as a Stepping Stone to the White House

A lie unchallenged becomes the truth. While I admire GOP candidate Rick Santorum’s decision to raise a special needs child, I certainly wish he would keep his political agendas out of my exam room. Yes, […]

An OB Nightmare: Mom Dies after Giving Birth to Twins

It’s an obstetrician’s worst nightmare and it continues to happen on a daily basis. The story of Michal Lura Friedman brings tears to my eyes. After 7 years of trying, the 44 year old songwriter […]