The American people are not descendants of the infamous Chicken Little so please stop telling us that the sky is falling. 

 The reckless tales spun by those who want “more of the same” regarding healthcare reform make me want to reach for an emesis basin and regurgitate my lunch.  There IS no agenda to withhold care from our precious elderly or send them off to die.  All dastardly lies. 

 Everyone who enters a hospital for an admission (regardless of race, gender or age) is asked whether they’ve signed an Advanced Directive, commonly known as a Living Will outlining their desires in the event of an emergency, a terminal illness or catastrophic event.  President Obama does not have a patent on this directive.  It was started by the Euthanasia Society of America and Euthanasia Educational Council in 1967.  

 Fear is a terrible disease, whose effects are long-lasting and at times, fatal.   It has reared its ugly head again as Congress heads home for a month leaving the business of healthcare reform undone.

 Heck yes, we need a sense of urgency.  One hundred thousand unnecessary deaths committed annually in a dysfunctional healthcare system is a compelling argument to move forward with speed. 

 And I would love to return to the practice of medicine. 

 I should not have to battle insurance clerks who refuse to admit my pregnant patients with emergency conditions because they don’t have the “right insurance plan;” or fight my  local hospital that charged me $78.00 for a $4.00 generic drug and overinflated my hospital bill by 1000%.  A public health option would put these people in check. 

 And increased taxes?  You’re paying for them anyway every time an uninsured patient shows up in the emergency room for routine medical treatment.

 Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You must do the thing you think you can not do.” 

America, are you listening?