As an alumnus of the National Health Service Corp who spent 3 years working as an ob-gyn physician at a Federally Qualified Health Center, Dr. Linda is well versed in public health and community medicine. Her entire 27 year career as a board certified ob-gyn physician has been devoted to taking care of safety net high risk patients which included providing direct clinical care at a county health department for 15 years. She has also been a subject expert and consultant for the past 15 for Health and Human Services providing clinical and operational assessments for Federally Qualified Health Centers and medical reviews under the Federal Torts Claims Act.

Dr. Linda understands the special challenges unique to Federal Qualified Health Centers and 330 federally funded programs such as limited resources, inadequate staff and challenging patients. She understands the greater the complexity of a system, the greater the chance of encountering chaos. In 2013, she completed a Clinical Informatics program at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and earned a certificate which documents her expertise in

  1. Electronic Health Records implementation in complex clinical setting
  2. Clinical Decision Support
  3. HIT Standards and Standardization
  4. Quality Improvement and Assurance
  5. Workflow analysis
  6. HIT Privacy and Security
  7. Patient Safety Tools such as Root Cause Analysis (which evaluates a problem retrospectively to determine causality) and Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (which evaluates an organization’s vulnerabilities and potential liabilities before they occur)

So, how can her skills help your organization? She has

  1. Taught Federally Qualified Health Centers how to use dashboards from their EHR as a QI tool to track provider performance, determine best practices and outliers
  2. Assisted health centers how to reduce systems errors that could potentially increase their liability
  3. Taught clinicians and administrators proper peer review and documentation
  4. Critiqued and edited clinical policies and procedures
  5. Evaluated compliance of Meaningful Use
  6. Taught risk reduction techniques to clinical staff
  7. Taught chief medical officers of newly funded centers about operational and government compliance visits, best practices and available resources
  8. Taught ob-gyn risk and liability reduction strategies

Dr. Linda has also evaluated grant proposals for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid funding. Allow Dr. Linda to help you succeed and exceed your organizational expectations.

Dr. Linda offers personal 1:1 consulting sessions in person and by phone to discuss any of your questions about pregnancy, child rearing and advocacy and for ob/gyn medical students and resident physicians. Contact Dr. Linda to schedule your session today. $200 session fee to be paid at time of session.

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