I politely ask my readers to please indulge me while I have this private rant. You see, every day I go to work within a challenging healthcare system while my congressional representative plays games on Capitol Hill.

The good congresswoman to whom I elected appears to be sitting on the fence. Yes ma’am, I’m talking about you. I warned you that if you did not answer my e-mail then you WOULD read about it in my blog. Yes, I saw you in the TV commercial espousing “working to make a better healthcare system” and noted the sponsor: a pharmaceutical “foundation.” Pulleease. You were the first elected Democrat within my district since Noah launched his Ark and you have yet to commit to an opinion regarding the public health option. Obviously you had an agenda when you entered public office and it did not include the constituents of your district.

What is it with Florida politicians that make you so ethically-challenged? The debacle of the 2000 election. Instant replay in 2004. Representative Mark Foley and his predilection for White House pages. Tom Feeney and the Abramoff scandal. And on and on and on. Is it something in the water?

They say the worst thing that anyone could ever witness is the making of political decisions and the way that sausages are made.

Well, please pass the sausage. I’ll take them over politics any day.

P.S. A picture’s worth a thousand words. Here’s what Will Ferrell and friends have to say about insurance companies: http://bit.ly/4k5QU