10346351-lisa-olsons-pregnancy-miracleEvery day we look in the mirror, see our reflections but are not astute enough to recognize that we are viewing a miracle. However, Sade Davis knows otherwise because she is pregnant and was technically dead. (See Paramedics Bring Drowned Pregnant Woman Back to Life, NBC News, Keith Garvin and Matthew Stabley).

Davis is a 23-year-old pregnant mom from Prince George County, Maryland whose car veered off the road and ended up in a nearby creek. Miraculously someone saw what happened and moved into quick action. People from Fire Station 825 were on their way to another call when the eye-witness jumped in the middle of the road and flagged them down for help. Firefighter David Wilson and Lieutenant Dale Giampetroni pulled Davis out of the car and found her breathless and without a pulse. They performed CPR and brought Davis back to life. Both mom and unborn baby are alive and awaiting the baby’s delivery. Someone told Davis that it was obvious her baby was meant to be here which brings me to my next point.

There are no accidents, coincidences or “chance occurrences” in the human experience. And there certainly are no “accidents of birth.” Millions of sperm are given the assignment of fertilizing an egg that resides outside of the uterine cavity in the ovary. The uterine cavity is a hostile environment to the well-meaning sperm and yet it somehow overcomes the adversity of the uterus, travels inside the fallopian tube where it drills through the protective covering of the egg in order to gain entrance for fertilization. That’s not an easy task my friends, just ask any infertility patient.

Our presence on this planet is nothing short of a miracle. We are ALL supposed to be here to share our special gifts during the human experience.

The story of Sade Davis inspires all of us to recognize that you do not need to have a near-death experience to in order to experience miracles. Just look at your reflection in the mirror, and then give your Creator some praise.