What short memories Dr. Jack L. Cassell has regarding his humble beginnings. An urologist by training, he now basks in 15 minutes of fame because of an infamous sign that he plastered on the door of his medical practice: “If you voted for Obama seek urologic care elsewhere.” Florida is such a magnet for drama.

I assumed Cassell was a Florida native until I heard him speak during an interview. His distinct Northeast accent grabbed my attention and I quickly reviewed his credentials on the Florida Board of Medicine website. He is now hailed as a great “American patriot” but wasn’t smart enough to attend an American medical school. He subsequently graduated from St. George’s University School of Medicine on the island of Grenada where people look like President Obama. Oh, would I love to review his medical school application to determine the reasons for his rejection.

After leaving Grenada, he began both an internship and surgical residency with the UMDNJ Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, again, training on indigent people.  From the inner city of Newark, he found his way to Gainesville, Florida to begin a urologic oncology (cancer) fellowship. The greatest numbers of prostate cancer patients are African American men.

Cassell now has a private practice and does not accept Medicaid. He is well ensconced in the American Dream. He has no further need to interact with the indigent and uninsured. He has become the poster boy for Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.  Blonde coquettes show up at his office bearing gifts. He has violated the AMA’s Code of Ethics #9.012 that states “under no circumstances should physicians allow their differences with patients or their families about political matter s to interfere with the delivery of high-quality professional care” but his inflammatory sign regarding President Obama will remain.

Perhaps it’s time for Dr. Cassell to stop practicing medicine. When political views obscure common sense; the Board of Medicine needs to step in.