When I read the story about Nancy Gonzalez, I immediately thought about her unborn son, the one who she conceived with a convicted murderer and a former gang member of the Bloods.

Ronell Wilson was a convicted murderer of two police officers during a gun deal that turned bad. Gonzalez was a military veteran and a corrections officer for the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York which is a federal facility. Gonzalez was allegedly lonely and Wilson, who is serving a life sentence, wanted a child, a “legacy he could leave behind” and Gonzalez obliged. As it is difficult to have a private intimate moment in prison, informants reported Gonzalez and Wilson to the authorities and Wilson was reassigned to solitary confinement. The affair lasted exactly three weekends but Gonzalez is now 8 months pregnant and the media is having a field day.

Gonzalez’s attorney states she had a tragic life which might have impaired her judgment. Although she is pregnant with Wilson’s baby, she had relationship with yet another inmate who has promised to take care of her baby once he released.

Gonzalez stood before a judge on February 4th in federal court and was charged with sexual abuse of an inmate because they can’t give consent to have sex. If convicted, she faces 15 years in prison and Heaven only knows what will become of her baby. Okay, so I’m going to ask a “dumb” question. Why is this 29 year old female “guarding” male prisoners? What happened to the days when men guarded men and women guarded women? Out of curiosity, I went on the website of the hiring agency for federal prisoners and noted that a physical exam and physical “endurance” test is required but nothing is mentioned about psychological testing for prospective corrections officers.

I don’t envy Gonzalez nor should any of us attempt to throw stones. The bond between the prisoner and Gonzalez is now permanently sealed through the life of the unborn baby.  Perhaps it’s time for a federal investigation to be done, so that this tragedy never happens again.