Tricked into Abortion

This is an open plea to men: if you don’t want to have children, then please use a condom. Tricking your girlfriend into taking abortion pills is totally inappropriate.

Let the story of Andrew Welden and Remee Lee be a teachable moment for pregnant women, especially those of you who are involved with men that may not be completely ecstatic about your pregnancy.

Welden is the 28 year-old-son of an ob-gyn physician who specializes in infertility  and although he had been dating Lee since mid-2012, he was not happy when she informed him of her pregnancy in February 2013.  As the son of an ob-gyn physician, he knew his way around a healthcare practice so he encouraged Lee to have her ultrasound and prenatal visit at his father’s office and she agreed.

A few days after the prenatal visit, Welden advised Lee that she had a urinary tract infection and his father had prescribed antibiotics to be taken three times a day for at least 4 days. Welden even supplied the alleged antibiotic, Amoxicillin. Three days after Lee took the alleged antibiotic; she started bleeding and was taken to the hospital where she had a miscarriage. She was also informed by the hospital staff that the medicine she thought to be an antibiotic was not Amoxicillin, but a medicine that is used to induce labor. Welden admitted to forging his father’s signature and prescribed the medicine that caused an unwanted termination of her pregnancy. His father was not implicated in the case but Welden was arrested for murder under the federal statute, “Protection of the Unborn Child Act” and is being held without bail.

So how can a pregnant woman avoid this tragedy in the future?

  1. Never have prenatal care provided by “friends” or friends’ parents who might bend rules to accommodate you, but also place your pregnancy in harm’s way
  2. Never take medication during your first trimester
  3. Never accept pills when you need medical treatment. Obtaining medicine from a pharmacist is the safest way of receiving medication.
  4. Always ask to see a copy of your lab results before accepting treatment
  5. Many pictures of medication (pills) are listed in the PDR (Physician Desk Reference). You can either find them online or in the public library

Remee Lee has filed a lawsuit against Welden. Can you blame her?