Approximately one year ago, I wrote my first blog post. By training I am a physician, but writing has always been in my heart.  Blogging was a new path in my life’s journey, taking me in an unknown direction. I knew I had something to say, the question was: would anyone listen? Well, to my utter delight, over two thousand people listened, many commented and some even subscribed to my blog. I am honored, humbled and grateful to live in a country where people might not necessarily agree with each other, but they have the freedom to express their opinions.

So, this is my one-hundredth blog-post, a feat I never thought I would accomplish. I didn’t think I’d have the time to sit at my computer and churn out bi-weekly posts however the imperfections and celebrations of life beckoned me to do so.

I’m extremely grateful to the progressive websites and magazines who have given me a venue for expression:, Basil & Spice, Medpedia, e-Health Forum, Not Ur Mamas News, Favor Magazine, Alive Magazine and, thank you so much. An expression of gratitude is also in order for Sharon Goldinger, Mary Ellen Gross, Nettie Hartsock, Michelle Roberts and the incredible, buoyant Zanade Mann, who introduced me to a magical world called social media and guided me to new horizons.

Last but not least, I am indebted to my readers for your support. As a small token of my appreciation, I have launched a contest that will allow me to hear from you. I would love to know which Dr Linda Galloway blog was your favorite and what are your greatest fears and concerns if you are a pregnant woman.  The first prize is a $100.00 Visa card, and the 2d and 3d prizes are signed copies of my book, The Smart Mothers Guide to a Better Pregnancy. Please click on for details.

Thank you for this amazing journey and may you all continue to enjoy the ride.