If a woman is pregnant under the age of 25, in an abusive relationship, involved with a married man or is African American, she is at risk for being murdered. Just ask the parents of Jennifer Snyder, a former veterinarian technician who was involved with a married man who happened to be the father of her unborn child and a veterinarian.

Synder worked with Dr. David Rapoport and was in a relationship with him for approximately 3 years. Rapoport allegedly told Snyder he was leaving his wife of 6 years and told his wife he was leaving Jennifer. However Synder informed Rapoport that she was pregnant, he allegedly became extremely angry.

A few days before Snyder was murdered, Rapoport purchased a 9mm glock semi-automatic gun and practiced on a target range. The same type of gun injured 18 people and nearly killed former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Gifford when she was shot in the head.

Synder died one day before her ultrasound appointment. That’s how Rapoport was able to lure her into a false sense of security before he put a gun into her mouth and pulled the trigger. She was shot twice in the mouth, once in the back and then her body was dumped into a reserve. Her autopsy revealed that she was pregnant with a boy. Hopefully both of them are now resting in peace. Rapoport is serving 2 life sentences. His former employer quickly removed his name from their website and his wife lost her job.

According to medical research, homicides are the leading cause of death during pregnancy and firearms are the most common method of injury. Although this is a public health crisis that is both under-reported and under-studied, Tracy Schott is trying to change that. She is a social worker and a filmmaker who is working on a documentary about Snyder’s story. Snyder’s story will also air on the Discovery Investigative Channel next week but I doubt if it will be told from the perspective of the victim’s pregnancy.

Pregnant women shouldn’t have to die just because their partner’s don’t want the babies.  For more information about the future documentary, please contact tracy@schottproductions.com. I plan on helping Schott spread the word. Hope you will too.