“It’s flat-out stupid” said renowned author Thomas Friedman on last Sunday’s Meet the Press and I couldn’t agree with him more. 

The firestorm regarding President Obama’s speech to school children is tragic.  I guess some people would rather see their children dig ditches or flip hamburgers than pursue an education that would unshackle chains of generational ignorance.

Those of us who have traveled globally know how much our president is well loved and respected.  It would be nice to see citizens of his own country respect him in that manner as well.  I saw “Obama” bumper stickers half way around the world in Ethiopia during the adoption process of our sons and it gave me great hope.  The world wanted to breathe again, and the election of Obama allowed that to happen.

One of my proudest moments as an American occurred on election night of 2008.  I thought the pettiness was finally over.  I guess I’ll continue to dream.  Meanwhile for the agitators and conservative pundits who are stuck on stupid, here’s a rude awakening:

  1. The United States is no longer the world leader in secondary education. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/2008/11/19/US-slipping-in-education-rankings/UPI-90221227104776/
  2. 93 percent of high school students in South Korea graduate on time compared to only 75 percent of American high school students
  3. The United States has failed to raise student achievement in science over the past decade while Singapore and other Asian countries continue to score higher in both subjects 


  1. Students in Singapore and Taiwan scored 40 points higher than American eight graders
  2. U.S. teens in math and science trailed their international peers on a math and science exam http://www.usnews.com/blogs/on-education/2008/12/09/study-us-trails-asian-countries-in-math-and-science.html

It’s obvious that our children’s future bosses are going to come from Asia.

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”    Need I say more?