The metaphors of life can sometimes be seen in the most mundane occurrences. But actually they’re not mundane, they’re significant beyond measure and can serve as our greatest teachers. A few days ago, I bought a replacement for our old trash can – a body of stainless steel that had served me well for year, but as the years wore on, the trash can became problematic. Its heavy D batteries kept falling out and we found ourselves constantly putting the batteries back in, then taping it with duct tape. Although I loved that trash can, it no longer served its purpose and so it was time to go. I purchased a newer model that was taller, used a smaller battery and performed its function more efficiently.

Yesterday my family returned home from a school meeting and it was a gorgeous evening. Even my youngest commented on the perfect weather.  We just hung out in the driveway looking up at the magnificent sky with its billowing gray clouds. My oldest son had a balloon and I asked if I could release it to the sky. I felt this tremendous urge to release something emotionally and physically. He said yes and we both watched that yellow balloon ascend into the sky to the point where it completely disappeared. My son asked did I think the balloon went into space. I said I didn’t know. It might even have gone to Heaven. We both smiled as we stood in the driveway for another minute before entering our home – a perfect mother-son moment.

And my old trash can?  It quickly disappeared. Someone saw its value and removed it from our yard before the trash collectors ever came.

I learned long ago, never be afraid to let something go, especially when it no longer serves you well. When you release something old, you create space for something new and most often — it’s  even better.

Have you ever let something go that was once valuable? Please share your thoughts or send me a comment.