13260970There are triumphs in life worth celebrating and Nadia Bloom’s rescue was one of them. Earlier this morning, WFTV’s “breaking news” reported that Nadia was found alive by a member of her church.  Members of the Metro Church in Oviedo, Florida formed a prayer circle and asked God to lead them to Nadia. They explored an area of the woods that had not previously been searched. Their prayers were miraculously answered. James King found Nadia stuck in the mud in the swamp and called the authorities for help. News spread quickly to Lawton Elementary School where both Nadia and my sons attend. Teachers wept. Students embraced and I gave my Creator some praise.

Nadia’s teachers spoke about her with pride. She aced spelling tests; was passionate about Nature and had the makings of a gifted writer. No one was surprised to learn of her love for the American Girl® Book, Meet Lanie Holland. Perhaps it was lessons learned from the book that allowed her to survive five days and four nights in a perilous Florida swamp near a lake filled with alligators.

In honor of Nadia’s rescue, the Lawton PTA threw a party and everyone wore orange because it’s Nadia’s favorite color. For the past four days the PTA conducted a school prayer vigil, made hundreds of meals for search and rescue teams and responded whenever and wherever they were needed. Now, it was time to party. The joy on the school campus was palpable. People bought orange balloons and wore orange clothing in solidarity. Music of celebration blared from speakers. Mothers danced in the street. Strangers smiled at each other. Children played tagged and squealed with delight. Mothers stood in line to hug Nadia’s mother and whispered prayers of praise in her ears.

Today a happy ending was brought to life and our community exhaled a sigh of relief.