The ABC story, Pregnancy and Discrimination, was repulsive. A previous cesarean section is now considered a pre-existing condition that prevents women from receiving insurance. Women must pay higher premiums or have a mandatory sterilization if they choose to be insured. No, you didn’t misread the statement. The Golden Rule Insurance Company had the temerity to become “Big Brother.” What a blasphemous name.

Contrary to misinformation and propaganda, there are very few cesarean sections that are done based on maternal request. Most are done because of fetal distress when the baby is not receiving adequate oxygen and faces the possibility of death. Once an emergency is detected, the physician has thirty precious minutes to perform the procedure in order to save the baby’s life.

Do you recall the miraculous landing of US Air Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in New York City? We commended Captain “Sulley” for his heroic feat without hesitation. However, would his passengers now have a “pre-existing condition” because they were involved in an airline emergency? Of course not. Why so for women? Why are women charged up to 48 percent more for insurance than men?

According to ABC, there are only eleven states that prohibit health insurers from gender discrimination regarding the cost of premiums. The remaining thirty-nine states are fair game for continued exploitation. Healthcare reform is not a lofty ideal with a partisan agenda. The future of our humanity lies within sacred wombs.

After the ABC interview and article became public, The Golden Rule Insurance Company changed their ruling and will now insure women with previous cesarean sections.

Thank you, Senators John Kerry and Barbara Miluski for not only bring this issue to the forefront but for introducing legislature to bring these egregious practices to a screeching halt. Let’s keep beating the drums and greasing the wheels. Sometimes when the volume is turned up high, people eventually listen.