As we celebrate the birth of America, I’m sure the Founding Fathers had no idea what Destiny would hold for our country when they signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The same can be said for pregnant women. According to CDC statistics, 49 percent of pregnancies and 31% of live births were “unintended.” I have operated on women whose fallopian tubes were so scarred it defied logic as to how they became pregnant. And not long ago, I had a patient who presented for her initial prenatal visit with an IUD still intact and visible on the ultrasound.  So, what’s going on? Destiny.

I’d like to share a video someone sent me about 5-year- old whose name is Pretty -Boy- Bam- Bam. Because of his pony tail and boxing skills, he was mistakenly identified as the granddaughter of Muhammed Ali.  The video shows Pretty Boy sparring with his boxing coach and it is obvious that he is a boxing prodigy.   His father, who was previously incarcerated for dog fighting admits he doesn’t know where his son’s gift comes from and is chagrined that he was previously in jail. His son’s gift is the motivating factor that now keeps him on the straight and narrow path.

You might not know what gift your unborn child has but reassured they have one. A well-renowned minister, Joel Osteen states that none of us were born to simply occupy space.  Anthropology, genetics and quantum physics has proven that despite our human quest for individuality, we are all inextricably linked.  The birth of each baby changes the configuration of our planet. We desperately need their gifts. My passion regarding pregnant women stems from my excitement regarding their unborn baby’s gift? Is it the next Einstein? Edison? Mother Theresa?

As we celebrate the birth of our nation, let’s also celebrate the births of children who have yet to come. America’s greatest gift is the promise of its future and that future lies in the wombs of pregnant women.