Erin Corwin missingAnother pregnant  woman went missing and may not return. Erin Corwin was a military wife whose husband was very excited about her pregnancy; her neighbor, Christopher Lee, was not. Lee took Corwin on a hunting trip and was never seen again. Do you know what the leading cause of death is for pregnant women? The answer might surprise you. I have blogged about this topic before in Seven Reasons Why Pregnancy Becomes a Deadly Affair and each time I read a story like Erin’s, it breaks my heart. Stories like this also breaks the heart of my friend, Tracy Schott, who is a filmmaker and former social worker, like me. She has made a wonderful documentary to help women understand the dangers of being pregnant by a man who doesn’t want the baby. Please view this short trailer and spread the word. And if you watch closely, you might even see someone you know at 1:44 speaking passionately about this subject. Pregnancy shouldn’t be a deadly affair. Please spread the word and save a life!