superbowl food

The excitement is building as America gets ready to celebrate its unofficial holiday – Super Bowl Sunday. Some women will celebrate because they will finally have their partners back while others will celebrate because their beloved teams made it to the championship game. Whatever the reason for celebrating, rest assured that at the heart of each individual celebration is food. Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day of U.S. food consumption right after Thanksgiving. So what will people be eating? How about —

• 12.;5 million pizzas
• 11.2 million pounds of chips
• 1.25 billion *yes, BILLION with the letter “B” chicken wings

• 48 million takeout meals
• 121 grams of fat
• 2400 calories
• 8 million pounds of guacamole

Pregnant moms, somewhere in the midst of celebrating, you will either be offered food or preparing it. Here are some rules that will keep you out of the Emergency or Labor Room:

• Watch the pizza, chips and chicken because of their high content of fat. Your gallbladder is not working at full capacity during pregnancy and has a tendency to form stones. The last thing you need is to have a gallbladder attach during half-time

• Beer is probably not a good thing to drink while pregnant because of the alcohol content which could potentially lower your platelets (the part of the blood that prevents you from bleeding to death) and could possibly harm the baby

• Believe it or not, the most consumed meal during the Super Bowl is (drum roll –) vegetables!! Yes, according to several print media outlets, vegetables is the most consumed meal on Super Bowl Sunday so eat your heart out make sure they are well rinsed before eating to avoid infections

East wisely, safely and may the best team win!