There is no silver lining in the healthcare bill that Senator Joseph Lieberman proposes. Special interests have won once again. The late Senator Ted Kennedy is probably rolling over in his grave and I sit in front of my TV in stunned silence. Why are people so fearful of change? And why are Senators sacrificing the health of innocent American people for the sake of money? Is money that darn important? More important than human life?

I was brimming with optimism after hearing President Obama’s State of the Union Address regarding healthcare reform. The insurance companies would finally be held in check and the reign of healthcare returned to the skillful hands of nurses and physicians. We had finally matured as a nation who was willing to reach out and assist the “least among us.” I envisioned

 • forty-eight million uninsured Americans finally entering the rolls of our healthcare system and receiving life-saving medical treatment

 • A dear colleague finally being able to insure both herself and family members through the Public Health Option because she, despite being a physician, cannot AFFORD healthcare insurance

• The ability to find obstetricians willing to do tubal ligations because they were being reimbursed appropriately

 • New moms finding Pediatricians willing to do circumcisions because they would be compensated fairly

• Hospital schedulers would ask for a patient’s diagnosis FIRST and NOT the name of her insurance plan or billing codes

However, my vision ended prematurely. Our lawmakers were not ready for Prime Time.

Rest assured we are now headed down a perilous path and political gluttony has struck again. And when China and India emerge as new world leaders because America is bankrupt, you can place the blame squarely on Joe Lieberman. For thirty pieces of silver, he sabotaged the health of our Nation. Can you imagine what he would have done as our Vice President?