Courtesy of WE TV

Courtesy of WE TV

Based on a recent Associated Press (AP) article, there appears to be a new reality show on the WE Channel called “Pregnant and Dating.” Although I haven’t watched the show, it poses interesting questions. Should single pregnant women date? What type of men date single pregnant women? How do they handle intimacy?

There are many roads to becoming pregnant and sometimes the path is not always straight. Some women become pregnant in an attempt to improve a shaky relationship. Others hear the loud ticks of a biological clock. Most women want to experience motherhood although there never seems to be a “perfect” time to do so which might explain why 50% of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned.

What happens to these “unplanned” pregnancies? While most turn out okay, there is the possibility that a partner might inevitably disappear. Unfortunately, partner abandonment is not uncommon during pregnancy and fear is usually the common denominator. Some of my patients’ partners left because they didn’t want the responsibility of raising a child. Others were involved with in extramarital affairs and then there are partners who challenged their paternity. The article describes a divorced model-turned-stylist who had attempted to conceive for three years through a sperm donor although she had a boyfriend. Two months after she successfully became pregnant, her boyfriend announced that he was involved in a relationship with someone new on Facebook.® After she got over the initial shock of his abandonment, she decided that she wanted to date and represents a whole new genre of women.

An AP poll reports that 23 percent of men said they would consider starting a relationship with a pregnant woman. These men do exist and have showed up in my delivery room to attend the births of babies that they did not conceive. However, this also means that 77% of men would not date a pregnant woman. I sincerely hope that the pregnant single viewers keep that in mind as they watch this show.

Should single pregnant women date? Please let me know what you think.