shutterstock_107929916Dr. Linda offers the following speaking topics:

  1. Speaking Truth to Power. In this speech, Dr. Linda discusses the importance of being an advocate for your health as well as children’s education and shares stories about how advocacy made a difference in positive outcomes for her patients as well as her own sons’ education.
  • Participants will learn
    • who to speak to when there’s a problem in the hospital or health center
    • How to use social media as a tool of advocacy
    • Who to contact when there’s a problem at your child’s school
    • What outside agencies to contact when the results are less than satisfactory

What Medical School Doesn’t Teach You That Could Jeopardize Your Career.  Dr. Linda and a guest physician will share their experiences working with ethically challenged people and how the guest physician ended in jail because of her own naivete regarding her office staff. The guest speaker will speak to the audience virtually unless travel expenses are paid.

  • Participants will learn how to recognize a
  • dysfunctional organizational culture
  •   how to protect your identity and professional credentials
  • What to do to avoid office fraud and identity theft




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