53204707The story of Abbie Cohen Dorn (Severely Disabled, Is She Still a Mom?, LA Times, April 11, 2010) brought tears to my eyes and sadness in my heart. Abbie is a 34-year old mother of triplet boys whose former husband will not allow her to see them because she has a severe disability caused by a delivery complication.

Abbie was a chiropractor and the daughter of a physician. She married Dan Dorn, began infertility treatments and ultimately conceived triplets. A triplet pregnancy is extremely high risk and Abbie maintained the necessity precautions. Dan was extremely attentive to her needs during the pregnancy.  According to the LA Times, on June 20, 2006 the couple rushed to the Cedar Sinai Medical Center. It appears that Abbie had a C. Section that ended with an emergency cesarean hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. Allegedly, her physician “nicked” her uterus. Oh, do I have several questions for her physician. Why wasn’t she scheduled to have an elective c. section rather than allowing her to have spontaneous labor? Was there an “expert” team to deliver the multiples? Did the labor room practice “emergency” drills or were they ill-equipped to handle this emergency?

Fast-forward to 2010. Abbie has significant neurological damage and receives intensive therapy at the cost of $33,000 per month. Dan divorced Abbie in 2008, is requesting child support and refuses to allow his sons to see their mom because he feels “it would be too traumatic for his sons as such a young age.” Abbie has not seen her sons since 2007 and her father sees his grandsons four times a year. Abbie’s parents are challenging Dan’s decision and a trial is set for May 18th.

I was the daughter of a disabled mother and there was never I day that I did not love her – unconditionally. Dan Dorn is wrong. Dead wrong. Abbie deserves to see her children and a community has emerged to give her support. I urge all of my beloved readers to join the “Stand Up for Abbie” Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116452135047403&ref=ts) and show her some love.