The Founder of Lamaze Says Farewell

Elisabeth Bing is gone — but oh what a legacy she left!

100-year-old Bing died on Friday, May 15th in her Manhattan home according to the New York Times. While her name might not be familiar […]

Brain Dead and Pregnant: A Moral Dilemma

The contradictions of life can be maddening. On one hand, we have the case of Jahi McMath, a 13-yearold girl who is brain dead on a mechanical ventilator that her family fought to maintain and […]

When Swelling Turns to Danger – Guest Blog by Ami Burns

It is with pleasure that I introduce this very important article written by Ami Burns of SheKnows.

Many moms experience swelling during pregnancy, but sometimes this is a sign of preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition for […]

Can a Pregnant Woman Eat or Drink During Labor?

Theoretically, women will no longer have to starve during childbirth. Findings from a study presented at the Anesthesiology 2013 Annual Meeting suggested that it is safe for women in labor to have a protein shake […]

48% of U.S. Births Are Funded by Medicaid. Should we Feel Proud or Ashamed?

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Post by Only For Nurses.

A recent study of the […]

Can a Pregnant Woman Make Her Baby Smarter?

According to an article in JAMA Pediatrics, the answer is “yes” by breastfeeding for longer periods of time.

It has long been established that breastfeeding helps the infant’s brain because it contains DHA (aka docosahexaenoic acid) […]

Why Are Low Levels of Vitamin D Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

Before the era of Dr. Mehmet Oz, when doctors discussed vitamin D, it was usually in the context of reducing fractures in the elderly or third-world children getting rickets. To his credit, Dr. Oz was […]

Pregnant Moms: Guess What Has Tripled in the Past 20 Years?


The cost of having a baby.

Kudos to The New York Times and its reporter, Elisabeth Rosenthal, for her insightful article, American Way of Birth, Costliest in the World that addresses what many healthcare providers have […]

Most Pregnant Women Leave the Hospital without Ever Knowing This

Although it’s called the “afterbirth,” the placenta should not be categorized as an “afterthought” regarding pregnancy. Its significance dates back almost to the beginning of time. Up until the 18th and 19th century, it was […]

Should Pregnant Women Avoid Household Products?

For years Americans have been bombarded about the woes of chemical exposure and the manner in which it could affect our health. While there have been scientific studies that document the evils of tobacco and […]