What Are the Most Important Symptoms a Pregnant Woman Should Never Ignore?

When a woman becomes pregnant, we immediately think happy thoughts: a new addition to the family, a new grandchild, the baby shower, what colors to paint the nursery and of course, the challenging role of becoming a parent. We make the assumption that everything will be okay during the pregnancy but sometimes it’s not. Complications […]

Most Pregnant Women Leave the Hospital without Ever Knowing This

Although it’s called the “afterbirth,” the placenta should not be categorized as an “afterthought” regarding pregnancy. Its significance dates back almost to the beginning of time. Up until the 18th and 19th century, it was thought that the mother and fetus shared the same circulatory system but now we know that they are actually separate.

Historically, […]

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Could You Pass This Pregnancy Quiz?

Pregnant moms, are you ready to take a Smart Mother’s quiz? Here’s one that taken from The Smart Mothers Guide to a Better Pregnancy. All rights reserved.

You have been which might be considered fluid for the past two days. You call your provider, who advises you to go to the hospital for further evaluation. Upon […]

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