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July, New Interns and Hospital Mistakes. Heads up Pregnant Moms!

June 30th is traditionally a day of celebration for most senior residents. It’s the last day of their residency training and the beginning of new careers. I remember that day well. I was the chief resident on-call and gratefully managed to end the night without any disasters. However, in the midst of my glee, I […]

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The Founder of Lamaze Says Farewell

Elisabeth Bing is gone — but oh what a legacy she left!

100-year-old Bing died on Friday, May 15th in her Manhattan home according to the New York Times. While her name might not be familiar to some, any woman who used the Lamaze technique during childbirth should thank her profusely.

Bing was born in Germany but […]

Thinking About Having a Water Birth? Please Think Again.

The next time you see one of those You Tube® videos singing the praises about water births, Amy Stenton wants you to think again.. She had one and now wants them stopped. She sued The Legacy Healthcare system for 35 million dollars as a result of the injuries incurred by her son who now has significant […]

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