Love Your Reflection: Feel Fabulously Attractive During Pregnancy

beautiful pregnant woman

One of the things I love about blogging is the great people that I meet and the collaboration and passion that we share. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my guest blogger, Diane M. Daniels, The Diva Style Coach. She has some fabulous information for pregnant women who want to remain “fabulously attractive” during their pregnancy. Enjoy!!


You can love who and what you see in the mirror all the way through your pregnancy. Try these simple, yet effective ways to help you feel more beautiful inside and out.

Positive Thinking

 Practice empowering and encouraging self-talk. Put a positive spin on all the new things you’re experiencing. Let your growing tummy remind you of the joys of motherhood. Focus on your best physical features, whether it’s your eyes or your new bust line.

  1. Welcome support from your loved ones. Accept compliments graciously when your partner or other loved ones tell you that you’re glowing. Surround yourself with family and friends who make you feel good.
  2. Remember that the weight gain is temporary. Take comfort in knowing that you’ll soon return to your usual size. Post-pregnancy weight loss will be even easier if you work with your doctor to stick to sensible eating and exercise habits. This usually means gaining about 25 to 35 pounds over 9 months.

Strategic Dressing

 Buy a variety of flattering maternity clothes. Attractive and comfortable outfits will make pregnancy more pleasant. There are many options that’ll show off your curves without highlighting your abdomen. Look for tie-backs and side shirring on tops. Wrap-around dresses and empire waists are also good choices. Remember to incorporate your favorite colors – the ones that make you feel good and help you love who and what you see in the mirror!

  1. Stretch your wardrobe budget. Shop for styles that will work for all three trimesters. Stomach panels and stretchy fabrics like spandex will expand along with you. Get separates that you can accessorize for both casual and more formal occasions. Use Capsule Wardrobe principles to help you choose pieces that will mix-and-match easily – 10 pieces in 3 different colors can provide you with 20 outfits or more!
  2. Select the right bras. Most women gain a cup size or more. Get professional fittings to ensure adequate support and to make your clothes look their best. If you need additional support, look for stores that carry larger cup sizes or that can order the size you need. You may want to start wearing your nursing bra during your last trimester.
  3. Check your shoe size. Even your feet get bigger during pregnancy. Protect your health and look more graceful by getting shoes that fit. Wedges or chunky heels can give you extra height without throwing off your balance. Focus on comfort first, and then go for simple and classic exteriors that won’t draw attention to your feet.

Additional Suggestions:

 Style your hair. Your hair may grow thicker and more lustrous during pregnancy thanks to changing hormones and prenatal vitamins. Consider wearing it long and wavy to complement your fuller figure. Side-swept bangs, layers, and highlights also help to slim your face. Choose simple hair accessories that will bring the focus to your beautiful face, but not overwhelm your features.

  1. Change your eyeglass frames. If your face gets rounder, you can use eyeglass frames to create the illusion of angles and greater length. Experiment with rectangular shapes and skinny rims, and consider eyeglasses with lenses that change in bright sunlight to avoid having to carry multiple pairs.
  2. Minimize sun exposure. Your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy. Avoid premature aging by wearing protective clothing and using sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Remember to apply sunscreen every day – and lean toward moisturizing lotions to take care of your skin all over.
  3. Treat acne breakouts. Acne is common in expectant mothers. Talk with your doctor about safe treatments. Consult your doctor with safety questions about any health and beauty products you use while you’re expecting.
  4. Banish dark under-eye circles. Some women find that the skin under their eyes appears darker during pregnancy. You can minimize this by getting plenty of sleep. Putting cucumber slices over your eyes also helps. If circles persist, use concealer in a shade close to your skin tone and blend it well. Avoid using mascara and eyeliner on your lower lashes.
  5. Play up your nails. You may be one of the lucky women whose nails start growing faster and stronger. In any case, you can draw attention to your pretty hands by treating yourself to a manicure. Just use phthalate-free nail polish and apply it in a room that’s well ventilated.

 Pregnancy is an incredible experience! Take good care of your baby and celebrate your changing body.

Author bio: Dianne M. Daniels, The DivaStyle Coach, is an irrationally passionate coach, consultant and speaker whose heart’s desire is to help women realize and manifest their most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self – their DIVA – and walk fully into their potential and live their life DivaStyle! You can find her online at, on Facebook as The DivaStyle Coach, and on Twitter as DivaStyleCoach.


Sherry Shepherd’s Surrogate Mom Forced to Pay Child Support? Another Surrogate Mess

Sherry Shepherd

Sometimes a woman marries the wrong man. And then things become more complicated because there are children involved. This man that you should have never married is now looking for a big pay day. However, please do not allow innocent children and babies to suffer because of a highly contentious divorce and certainly do no drag the surrogate mother into your mess.

Surrogate parenting (aka Gestational Carriers) is tricky. A woman is hired to have a baby for a couple with the expectation that the couple will pay her and take responsibility for their child. She is screened very carefully to make sure that she’s healthy enough to carry a pregnancy and that there is mutual agreement with the intended parents. It is a gift not to be abused. It seems that is not the case regarding Sherri Shepherd, former co-host of the popular show, The View.

Shepherd’s estranged husband, Larry Sally, is seeking child support from Shepherd and rejected her original offer of $150,000. He has full custody of their son, who was born on August 5, and applied for Medicaid in California. The State of California is now seeking child support from the surrogate mother whose name is listed on the birth certificate. Shepherd has allegedly not seen the baby since his birth.

In surrogate arrangements, both intended parents and surrogate mom are supposed to have psychological testing prior to the arrangement. It’s uncertain whether this has occurred in the Shepherd-Sally case. Based on what has occurred, it would be prudent for the California Child Protective Services Department to intervene in this case. Someone at needs to protect the rights of the baby. Someone also needs to have an adult conversation with both Shepherd and Sally about parental responsibility. The surrogate mother SHOULD not be dragged into the middle of this dispute.

Agree or disagree? Please share your thoughts.

What Are the Most Important Symptoms a Pregnant Woman Should Never Ignore?

When a woman becomes pregnant, we immediately think happy thoughts: a new addition to the family, a new grandchild, the baby shower, what colors to paint the nursery and of course, the challenging role of becoming a parent. We make the assumption that everything will be okay during the pregnancy but sometimes it’s not. Complications can occur during the pregnancy, during labor and even after the baby is born.

The human body is a fascinating creation and it speaks to us if we have the wisdom to listen. The ability to recognize the “language” of the body can save our lives, especially during pregnancy. What are the symptoms that pregnant women need to recognize?

  1. A headache that occurs during the late second or third trimester and doesn’t go away with acetaminophen. This is one of the beginning signs of pre-eclampsia
  2. Bleeding during pregnancy. There is no such thing as “normal” bleeding or spotting. Bleeding could signify an infection or a problem with the placenta. A pelvic exam should be done as well as an ultrasound.
  3. Gaining 5 pounds or more in one week. This is not normal and could represent the beginning of pre-eclampsia
  4. Back pain that that is beyond a 5/10 scale, especially if it moves to the front of your abdomen. This is a sign of preterm labor until proven otherwise. This requires an phone call to your provider and a trip to labor and delivery
  5. Fever and chills could represent an infection called chorioamnionitis which could directly affect the unborn baby
  6. A headache or high blood pressure that continues AFTER the baby is born. Pre-eclampsia can last for several weeks after birth
  7. Not able to have a bowel movement after a c-section. This could possibly indicate a complication called “bowel obstruction” and is a surgical emergency. You should not be discharged from the hospital until you’ve had a bowel movement

Recognizing these seven symptoms could potentially save your life. Remember, a healthy pregnancy doesn’t just happen. It takes a smart mother who knows what to do.