4898_10195_healthcare_largeNo, I’m not psychic, but I can spot a snake-in-the grass when I see one.  The procrastination and fence-sitting of Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas regarding healthcare reform were red flags that she clearly had another agenda.  She never had intentions of fulfilling the “will of the people” and “represented” no one but herself.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Kosmas said: “It was a difficult decision” to vote against her party regarding healthcare reform. She would have preferred the “Senate” version and not “tax the wealthy.” Suzanne, who are you kidding? Please do not insult our intelligence. You rode into Washington on the coattails of a popular presidential candidate and had no intention of serving anyone except your checkbook and bank account. How much did Big Pharma pay you? What under-the-table deals were made? You are spineless, shameful and an embarrassment to the decent citizens of our District. And we WILL have the memory of an elephant. The only reason that I am not picketing your office is because I’m too busy taking care of the medically underserved; the uninsured and the voiceless patients of our community. However, when the campaign begins to boot you out of office, I’ll be the first in line to offer my wholehearted support.

Please do not sign a long-term residential lease in the District of Columbia or its outlying communities because your days are significantly numbered. I intend to support anyone (along with a check) who plans to challenge (and rightfully so) your elected position be it a Republican; another Democrat (hopefully); heck — I’ll even support Daffy Duck or the Cookie Monster.

My late aunt once said: “When the snake bites you once, it’s an accident. When the snake bites you twice – it’s YOUR fault.

Congresswoman Kosmas, I do NOT intend to get bitten again.