Art imitates life and there is nothing more hilarious that art imitating a woman in labor. I “stumbled” upon this incredible video and was in awe. Thea Monyee and her husband, GaKnew Rowel are talented young poets who share their parenting experience at a Def Poetry session in Los Angeles. What amazed me is the accuracy and clarity of Thea as she describes the laboring experience. Her comments regarding the labor inducing medication Pitocin are both hilarious and laser-sharp and her description of the epidural placement were reminiscent of my days as an ob-gyn resident. Oh would I get annoyed with the anesthesiology residents who couldn’t place the catheter correctly into a patient’s back on the first try. Thea  and her husband, Gaknew are a delight to watch. Have you had a similar experience while in labor? If so, please share your stories, because as Thea and GaKnew so wisely state: “Nothing compares to having a baby.”