I had planned to discuss a prenatal topic this morning but my heart grieves in more ways than one regarding the senseless deaths of 20 beautiful children and the 6 brave women who lost their lives trying to those babies.

What is the purpose of a knife? To cut of course. What is the purpose of a gun? To kill pure and simple. You cannot sugar coat this. Guns kill. Period. And while we have our beloved Constitution that grants its citizens the right to bear arms, there is a certain level of responsibility that comes with those rights. Parenting takes courage, patience and an infinite amount of common sense. Nancy Lanza liked guns and had several. She also had a son who had a mental disorder. Somehow that combination became deadly.

Lanza’s youngest son, Adam was not “normal” according to the description given by his neighbors and colleagues. He allegedly had Aspenberg’s Syndrome which is a variant of autism. People with Aspenberg can function at a “high level” of intelligence but have difficulty with social interactions. According to the media, Lanza had difficulty dealing with her son recently. She felt like she was “losing him.” The question is: did she do anything about it? Did she seek professional help or stick her head in the sand like many parents do and deny that a problem exists?

I read a recent blog by anarchistsoccermom that describes the agony she experiences raising her 13 year-old mentally ill son who also has Aspenberg Syndrome and I encourage everyone to read it. On more than one occasion, she had to call the police and have her son committed. She also kept kitchen utensils such as knives out of his reach. That is clearly an act of courage and love. I am well-versed with the subject of mental illness. The woman who brought me into this world and whom I loved dearly until the day she died was a schizophrenic. Had we kept guns in the home, I would probably be dead.

Gun safety needs to be pushed to the forefront of our political agenda but please don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. In the meantime, I implore all families to please keep your guns in the home under lock and key. Let’s all do our part, to keep our children safe.