Do you know that each one of you can make a difference in your family, community and even our universe? As common as it sounds, I know this to be true. How often have we asked ourselves that colloquial question: “Why am I here?” Do you know what the answer is? We’re here to make a difference. We should each exit this planet leaving it a bit different from the way we found it upon our initial arrival.

In 2012, approximately 320,000 people read The Smart Mother’s Guide blog (TSMG) from over 196 countries. I cannot begin to tell each of you how grateful, honored and humbled that makes me feel. Perhaps I AM making a difference in the lives of women and their families – and that’s a good thing.

The lives of pregnant women are both simple and complex. Some women have uncomplicated deliveries and others end up in the intensive care unit. Some women are treated like queens when they become pregnant and others are murdered. There are physicians and midwives that a pregnant woman should embrace and there are others that she should like heck run away from.

I am but one woman but the knowledge that I share can go far if you will share it with other. Each question you ask, comment you make and answer you receive should be passed on. The year 2013 represents transformation and TSMG intends to spread our expertise even further. I invite you to read what you have accomplished as a reader of TSMG and hope we’ll continue travel this journey together. A special thanks to Pinterest, Facebook, Word Press and Zanade Mann for serving us well.

Have a blessed and sacred pregnancy in 2013.

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