Disrupted town hall meetings.  Congressmen lynched in effigy. Haters in full bloom.  The reason for the discourse?  Healthcare reform.  If special interest groups are that desperate to disrupt legitimate town hall meetings through premeditative protests and Rent-A Mobs then I say please, call Security.

 We have been down this road before.  The Brooks Brother Thugs descended on Florida eight years ago and turned our election system into a banana republic.  Most of the dissenters were rewarded with cushy jobs during the Bush II Administration but they didn’t live happily ever after.

 As a physician, I am committed to fighting unethical insurance companies on behalf of my profession and the patients that I so humbly serve.  The bogus groups who have emerged such as Citizens for Patients Rights (CPR) read like a hall of shame.  Its leader, Rick Scott, is a former hospital executive, who was terminated for fraud and cost his hospital 1.5 BILLION dollars in punitive fines.  He does NOT speak on behalf of America’s patients and should be ashamed to be seen in public.  The fact that he never spent a day in jail gives me much reason to pause.

 I urge the American people to raise one unified voice to drown out the soundtrack of ignorance.  The train to progress has already left the station in the form of a public health option.  The safety of your health is at stake.  The price of your insurance premiums is at stake.  The quality of your healthcare is at stake.  The economic and professional future of your physicians is at stake.  The integrity of medicine is at stake.

 The Bogeyman is dead.  There is no reason to resurrect him.