What Every Woman Should Know About Dollar Store Ovulation Kits!

ovulation-kit-midstreams_pic1 So here we go again! First a dollar pregnancy test and now an ovulation test for the same great price ($1.00)

Three cheers for SCI International, the manufacturer of these super products.

After the tremendous positive response to my earlier post regarding the $1.00 pregnancy test, I received a phone call from SCI’s Vice President, Mr. Abedi. He was delighted that the blog was well received and I in turn was delighted with his product. He explained that the company’s only makes a few cents above its production cost but that they deal in volume. It was so refreshing to hear about a company that wasn’t going to bankrupt its customers in order to make a profit. Abedi continued to describe the company’s array of products including an ovulation kit for $1.00. You can only imagine how far my jaw dropped. As a former infertility patient, I am well-versed with ovulation kits and could not believe they were being sold for . . . a dollar? Abedi quickly added that the ovulation kits were only available at the Dollar Tree store. So, off I went to my local Dollar Tree store to see for myself.

Upon my arrival and to my utter delight, both pregnancy and ovulation tests were readily available. The pregnancy tests were behind the counter while the ovulation kits were displayed up front. The cashier must have read my mind and offered the following explanation: The pregnancy tests are a popular item among teens who attempt to steal them. And the ovulation kits are displayed in front of the cash register because “teens are not trying to get pregnant.” It made perfect sense. And just like their pregnancy test counterpart, the ovulation tests are 99% accurate.

Quality and at affordable prices. Who would want to pay more?


  1. Roxanne Wright says

    My question to the good Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway is how good are they? and I am new at this ovulation testing, so how accurate is it?

  2. susan says

    DR. Galloway-

    I used the ovulation kit from the Dollar Tree, got a mark on the test part but was lighter than the control which I know is negative. I felt ovulation this morning, I have the pains on one side for about 12 hours on the day of ovulation every month. Did I get a negative result because ovulation had already occured? I was on antibiotics so I know my bc pill is useless. My husband and I have not had sex this month because of the fear of getting pregnant. With your expertise do you feel it is safe to go ahead now?

  3. Erin says

    Hello Dr. Galloway-
    I am about 3 days late and my husband and I have just begun trying to conceive- my pregnancy test came back negative, but I have noticed physical signs of ovulation, so on a whim I used one of the Dollar Tree ovulation predictors and it came out positive!? Is this at all common to ovulate right around the time my period is due? My husband and I will try again, why not? I look forward to your response. Thank you so much for doing this!

  4. K says

    Hello! Tomorrow I will take a trip and buy an ovulation kit from Dollar tree,, I have been trying to concieve for 9 months now and so I decided its time to give them a shot. How many do I need to buy?

    • says

      Congratulations on taking one of the most important steps of your life. If you’ve been trying to conceive for 9 months, I would buy 3 kits and try for three more months. If, after that time, you are still not pregnant, you might want to see an infertility specialist because the definition of infertility is acting trying to conceive for more than a year with negative results. Good luck with your endeavor.

  5. K says

    Thank you Doctor.. So I bought three as suggested and It did show two lines but the second line was very very faint. Does this mean I will ovulate in a 36-48 hours or is this defined as negative? I have been getting a pain on my left side. I also never know when I ovulate since im irregular. Thanks so much for your advice!

  6. Maggie says

    Hello. There were two ovulation tests available at the dollar tree I went to. A larger one and a smaller one that looks almost exactly like the pregnancy test. I tested today and got a very very faint line in the test area. Does this mean negative? I am breastfeeding and trying to track ovulation. Thanks

      • Maggie says

        Thanks! I was a little hopeful because the two times I tested earlier this month I only got one line…with breastfeeding I am trying to track ovulation. Thanks again.

      • Amy Courtney says

        Thank you for the information. I’m trying to track my ovulation so I know when it is safe to have intercourse without protection. I recently got off of birth control, so I could give my body a break. We aren’t planning on officially try until August. We did have sex last night and oops weren’t that careful. So this morning I took the New Choice- Ovulation Predictor and I think it is negative. Only one pink line. I have always used the New Choice brand, only the pregnancy tests though. I am new to the Ovulation tests. Can you please help! I just want to make sure it’s negative. Not ready yet but if I end up pregnant, I wouldn’t mind. It’s just a little soon.
        Thank you, Amy

  7. Tay Jackson says

    I am so glad I found this website. We have been trying for two months and nothing so far. I plan to go to Dollar Tree this week for a kit. I will you posted, and thanks doctor for your aadvice.

  8. Linda says

    According to instructions I should start testing with my shortest cycle in the last 6 mos. Shortest was 22 days and longest 29 days. Should I test daily from day 5 to day 12?

  9. LaToya says

    Thank so much for your article. I used the Dollar Tree pg test on all 4 of my pregnancies. The sensativity level is higher than some of the name brands.

    I had an ultrasound yesterday afternoon, and my follicles sized had increased, My doctor suggested to start testing today and tomorrow in the am with a CB digital test,but I think they are overpriced. I had some ovulation test from the Dollar Tree, so I used one this morning. Before today there was only one line, the control line. But, this morning there was a faint second line in the test box. Does that mean its positive? Or should I test again later today? If so, what time should I test? I took the original test this morning at 7am?

    Thank you for your advice.

  10. Patricia says

    I just went out and bout about 5 ovulation kits from my local Dollar Tree, the New Choice Ovulation Predictor. It is about 1:30pm and I just tested one, the test line not faint, not in the slightest, but it is a tad bit lighter than the control.

    I have known some opk’s directions that if the control line is lighter than the test line its a negative, but the directions on this box say, “LH Surge: Two Pink Lines will appear. You should ovulate within the next 24 to 36 hours. (Intensity of lines may vary) NO LH Surge: One Pink Line will appear at the C.”

    So since the box says that the lines may vary, and there are two lines, that means im going to ovulate in the next 24-36 hours?

  11. Daphnee says

    Hi Dr.
    My husband and I are trying to get pregnant but I dont ovulate on my own and I recently started taking sow isoflavones to help me ovulate cause I get alot of cyst with clomid and I wanted to try something more natural and today I bought the dollar tree ovulation test and I have a second line it came up in less than 2 minute and its dark just like the other one, but I have been testing in the clearblue monitor for the past 4 days and I did not get a surge at all. so should we assume that ovulation started today and begin bedding today and the next couple of days?

    • says

      I don’t think it would hurt, Daphnee, since you got a blue line but would recommend that you see a healthcare provider since your goal is to conceive and it appears that you might be having some challenges. Thanks for posting on my blog and the best of luck to you.

  12. Sally says


    I have noticed a lot of differing information on these Dollar Store tests. I have seen some people claim that they have faint positives for several days or that they have very faint test lines. This makes me concerned that what I have been seeing from these strips may be false information. I tested on the 10th day of my cycle and got a negative. I did not wait the full ten minutes to check and instead waited just five but saw no lines. Then I tested again on my 12th day and received a faint second line. The 13th day it was a darker line and showed up much quicker in under 2 minutes but still not nearly as dark as the control line. On the 14th day I saw a very faint line similar to the 12th day of my cycle and took around 4-5 minutes to appear. This was all with my morning urine. I had not noticed even a glimmer of a line before this. Now I am doubting whether i just didn’t wait long enough with early tests and that that 2nd line will always be there. The test does say that all you need is two lines and that they may vary. Could that have been the LH spike I was looking for? I have heard to use afternoon urine and maybe that is why the lines didn’t get as dark as they should have. Please let me know if you think that was indeed the ovulation hormone spike I was looking for. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Sally,

      I’m going to locate the 800 number for the ovluation kit manufacturer and send it to you so that you’ll be able to have all of your technical questions answered. Just give me a few days to locate the number.

  13. heather says

    Hi Dr. I have irregular periods and I just took a ovulation test and one line showed up very very faint and the other really dark what does this mean will I still be able to get pregnant? I have been trying for about 3 years now and nothing what should I do? And I can’t afford to go see a doctor

    • says

      Hi Heather,
      The first thing that has to be done is to find out why your periods of irregular. Every state has community health clinics that are federally funded. Try to find one in your community and you will be able to see a doctor or healthcare professional based on what you can pay. Once you discover why your periods are not regular, you’ll be better able to have your infertility problem corrected.

  14. Amy says

    Thank you so much for this site it is quite helpful. I have a question I have been testing for my LH surge this month with the new choice ovulation test. It indicated if there are two lines then you have the Lh surge. I tested twice today and there are two lines however 1 is very very faint as compared to nothing yesterday. I’m wondering if this is a posotive.

    Even though it is very very faint do you think that is the indicator of the surge. I also took a differant test which comes up negative it may not be as sensitive as New Choice.

    Thanks, Amy

  15. BLU10GT says

    First of all, I used the dollar store brand HPT with both of my pregnancies and I was pregnant. These were 8 and 13 years ago!! I love them! I would not buy a pricier one. Second, we are trying again for #3(hopefully for a girl this time). Are the ovulation kits as reliable as the HPT’s? What time of day do you suggest testing?

  16. Yomi says

    Hello, I just wanted to thank you for this website. I saw the dollar store ovulation test the other day and I’ve been charting my expected ovulation days on a calender. I had PCOS with insulin resistance but I have been on a natural diet and with exercise I have not only lost 30lbs but I have regained my periods every month! I (knock on wood) have had constant 35 day cycles every month for the last 6 or 7 months now (my DH threw out my old charting calender so I don’t remember exactly when my first normal period came after having been without one for 5 months). Now that we have a certainty of when I am suppose to ovulate I suppose it’s only logical to use an ovulation test to make sure it is happening so we can finally conceive after 7 years of trying. Knowing it won’t cost me a fortune helps a lot because with the cost of living going up and wages staying steady it means I can afford to learn more about my own body :)

  17. Kmom08 says

    I’ve begun using these, after 2 years of no luck getting pregnant with baby number 2.We have a daughter who turns 3 next month, so the ob I went to said I can clearly get pregnant and wasnt much help. My cycle is 32 days on average, but a couple of months ago I did have one that was 34 days, the back of the dollar store test it tells you to go by the average so going by the 32 day cycle I should begin testing on day 15. However out of a wim this month I tested today which is day 12 and I got a positive with two lines equal in color. I always thought I ovulated later, Could this be why we have not been getting pregnant?

    • says

      Yes, the recommendation is to test between day #10 and #14 of your menstrual cycle. If you have 2 solid lines today, then it indeed might be your lucky day. You might have some great news in a few weeks from now. Best of luck!!

  18. Kira says

    They work! My husband and I have been TTC since March of this year. This past month I decided to buy ovulation kits from the Dollartree. We made sure to have Mommy/Daddy time at least once a day once I saw two pink lines and guess what, we’re 6 weeks pregnant! FINALLY. :) Also, I found out I was pregnant from a Dollartree pregnancy test. If you’re anything like me and have zero patience, it’s nice to only have to spend $1 on tests so you can test everyday for two weeks if you want. LOL. And you’ll only be spending the amount you’d spend on two namebrand expensive tests

  19. caro says

    hello Dr ..Im glad to find this website!! i had a miscarriage 1 year ago and just now we want to try again. i will buy the dollar tree ovulation test. But i want to know: after my period , how long time i have to wait to try the test? my cycle are 28, 29 or 30 lol they are different sometime, the last was 28.Thanks you for your help! ♥

  20. tawnie says

    Hi Doctor,

    So i took one of these “Ovulation predictor” tests from a dollar tree.

    and i got one bold line on the control, and a faint line on the test part.
    Does that mean i’m pregnant or not?

    I used to have irregular periods, but not anymore. But i missed my period this month. I actually had light bleeding, not like a flow or anything, a little bit for two days. But that is not normal for me, I usually have normal flow periods that go from 6-8 days. I’ve been on regular schedule with it since i started birth control.
    But i have been having symptoms so it’s worrying me.

    If you could let me know soon, that would be so great.
    Thank you (:

    • says

      Hi Tawnie,
      I cannot give you “official” medical advice, only an opinion. The “Ovulation Predictor” will only predict ovulation, not pregnancy. Based on your concerns, it might be helpful to take a pregnancy test.

  21. Andrea V. says

    Hello Dr. I have the same question as K. I am very irregular. Recently around every 2 months I will cramp and then spot for a few days so im hoping that counts for a period? I took the ovulation test and one line was dark and the second was real light hardly noticeable. Please tell me what you think. Thanks Dr.

  22. andrea says

    Hello Dr. I have had irregular periods all my life I had not had a period naturally for 3 yrs and around 2 months ago I began to feel sick then cramp then bleeding it only lasted a couple days and very light, just a lil more then spotting. Now this month the same thing happened again, are these spotting days concidered a period and if so that would mean ovulation right? I used the ovulation test and had a very dark line and a very light line almost unnoticeable does that mean ovulation? Thanks doctor

  23. Andrea says

    Hello Doctor, I have had irregular periods all my life the longest I have went without a natural period is 3 years. About 2 months ago I began to feel sick then cramp then I began to have very light bleeding,that lasted a couple days then this month the same thing happened again. Can this light bleeding be my periods coming back? If so that means Im ovulating right? I took the dollar ovulation test and I had a very dark line and a very light line almost unnoticeable. What does this mean? Please help Doc, Thanks

      • Andrea V. says

        My doc says all my blood work is fine. I am overweight, he says if I would loose 20 lbs then my period should come down. So does that mean the spotting I’ve had is not a period? will the ovulation test still work with me?

        • says

          The ovulation test will give the presence or absence of ovulation. If you’re trying to conceive, you might want to speak with your doc about referring you to a weight loss program. Or, there’s a medicine called Clomid that will help women ovulate. This is strictly information and NOT medical advice. Okay? :-) Good luck in your endeavors and thanks for your questions. Could you “Like” me on Facebook (Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway)? That will help me bring issues like this to a larger forum.

  24. Amanda says

    Hi i took a new choice ovulation test and the control line was quite visable and the test line was faint but i can still see it…does this mean i am ovulating?

    • says

      It could very well be but can’t say definitively. I suggest you get together with your partner and next month, you might find out for sure. Good luck and thanks for reading my blog.

  25. kim says

    I have PCOS and am on clomid days 5-9. and metformin …Today is day 16 of my cycle that was started with provera. I use the clear blue easy fertility monitor. It has shown high fertility for 3 days. So I bought the dollar tree brand ov test today and got a line but not as dark as the control line. I am so confused on weather or not I am ovulating or not.

  26. T1980 says

    Hi Doctor. i recently took 3 clear blue easy plus test due to my cycle being 4 days late. all were positive. to my surprise my cycle came on 2 days later! i am assuming it was a false positive or the tests themselves. although i did call the company as i see that they have many complaints, and they are sending out a two digital test. i have a 31 day cycle and just purchased the dollar store opk’s. I feel when i ovulate, but maybe we just haven’t been catching it on the right days,….so frustrating… i do use calenders and calculator so hopefully these help! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling. This forum is very informative!

    • says

      Thanks for your comments and compliments. Because you had 4 positive urine tests, I would ask for a blood test just to make certain that you’re truly “negative.” Although I can’t give you “advice” legally, I can give you education. Sometimes a woman might be pregnant and bleed because of a threatened miscarriage which is why I would recommend a blood test which is very specific. If you can’t afford the blood test, repeat the urine test next month to make sure you’re not pregnant. Thanks again for your question and hope you will “Like” me on Facebook.

  27. maegan spaw says

    I only trust dollar tree pregnancy test! Both of my pregnancys I used dollar tree pregnancy test! My first pregnancy my hcg levels were very low and I ended up misscary but the second pregnancy u once again used dollar trees pregnancy test and a + and sure enough I was 4 weeks pregnant!! My grandma and my mom and myself have worked at dollar tree and its a great store and so happy that someone made this store!!

    • maegan spaw says

      Also been ttc for the last 6 months with nothing used the dollar tree ovulation test andfound a ver faint pink line now this is what will confuse you with both of my pregnancys I used the dollar tree pregnancy test and the second line was just as faint as the ovulation test I just took so I’m cunfused but I had the mirena removed in march of 2012 and just can’t seem to get pregnant this will be my last seeing as my crohns disease is getting worse and I have jra and to top it off I just got diagnosed with ezcima so I just want to have one more I feel so discouraged (my other pregnancy occured during a crohns flare up) I lost my first because of methotrexate and no one telling me not to get pregnant untill 6 months after stoping the use of methotrexate, any advice on ttc and could my mirena cause damage inside? Thanks for taking the time to read this *maegan :-)

      • says

        Hi Maegan,
        Thanks for your question. What is “ttc”? Because the Mirena uses a hormone, it might take you a little longer to get pregnant however, because of your history of Crohn’s and RA, I would seek the advice of a high-risk doc (maternal fetal specialist) even BEFORE you get pregnant. They are very helpful and can guide you.

        • says

          The blue test came back positive. And the fertility tests came back positive as well. So since the ovulation tests came back positive, is it because im pregnant? I also bought 5 more hpts, and those came out negative. what gives? lol

  28. Amy says

    I love the dollar pg test and the ovulation test. But just the other day I bought two of the ovulation test and one looked like the wrapper of the pg test. Also looked like it when I opened it so off to do some research because if it was I might be pg. Buying more this morning when they open.

  29. Jennifer says

    Hi I am new at testing. When would I start testing? I should be getting my after any day now. Do I wait until next month? Also my after are not regular. How would I teat? How many kits do I need? I’m glad the filler store has these. Thank you for writing this.

    • says

      Hi Jennifer,
      The first thing you should do is see a healthcare provider to determine WHY your periods are not regular because if they’re not regular, you’re not ovulating. Once you have that problem resolved, then you should use the kit. Hope this helps.

      • Jennifer says

        It does help. I do get af very month just comes any where 2I days to 34 days. I have talked to her and she wants me to keep trying. When would I start using this kit? When I think I’m ovulating? Thanks for your help.

        • says

          Hi Jennifer,
          Mark the day your period comes on a calendar and keep a record for about 2 months. Or, you can use the kit starting on the 11th day after your last period. Good luck and hope this helps.

  30. Kaye says

    I have been ttc for the past 4 months and have been on ortho tri cyclen lo for the past 4 years. My cycle has been trying to regulate since then and sometimes i have one and sometimes I don’t. I tried the dollar tree OPK and each day i tested I got a dark line for the control and a second faint line. Did I actually ovulate or not. I tested for 3 days straight and got the same thing each day. So it will be time for me to start testing again and should I buy the dollar tree brand or try a more expensive brand.

    • says

      Hi Kaye,
      It sounds like you were ovulating. You can certainly buy a different brand if that makes you more comfortable. The whole point is to learn your ovulation days if you’re trying to conceive.

      Hope this helps and best of luck.

      • Kaye says

        I have one more question, I started my AF on 09-19 and it lasted for about 4 days, when do I need to start checking for ovulation

  31. Erin says

    I took an ovulation test today and two days ago, two lines showed up both times, and both times the C was darker then the T…do you think this means ovulation? I read the box, but still a little bit confused.

  32. Mandy says

    Hi Dr.Galloway, I am having a hard time with the dollar store brand. I got my period on the 18th of Sept. and tested on the 29th and had a faint test line and same on the 30th and 1st and this morning the 2nd. tonight i tested and i had no test line. would i have ovulated and that early?

  33. Kaye says

    Ok. I finally got a positive on the dollar tree OPK. I started testing on CD 9, and got a pos on CD 13, and that was around 11.30 a.m. So I did another one the same day around 6 p.m. and it was negative.I did the deed 2 days ago and on the day that I got a positive on the OPK, did i miss my ovulation window or am I ok ?

  34. kiya says

    Hi dr , what does it mean when you get a dark control line and faint test line? The instructions state any two lines mean positive so im hoping thts true but for 7 days straight???

    • says

      Hi Kiya,
      Thanks for your comment. If the + test is present for 10 days it would make sense because it’s picking up the pregnancy hormone. I would recommend that you see a physician or midwife for further evaluation and the best of luck to you.

  35. dyahna says

    i been taking ovulation test all month and got only one line . today i took one and got a dark control line and a faint second line . is that a negative ?

  36. says

    Hi Dr. Galloway,

    I have been taking the new choice ovulation kit. in past experience I have usually had two dark lines by CD#16 or #17 as my cycles are usually about 30-31 days. This month, (2nd month of clomid and one failed IUI) on CD #10=neg. CD#11: faint test line CD#12:faint test line CD#13 (today): no line. I am confused bc it says the lines must be equal and my fertility nurse yesterday stated that is correct that it is not positive. I am worried because maybe I have missed it? I am supposed to go for transv. us. today since lh surge was not positive. i hate to call and bother them questioning whether to wait til day 16 to test lh again because they stated clomid should make me ovulate faster than my usual cycles prior to clomid. The us. is very expensive and i am trying to avoid unnecessary expenses so that i may afford the next IUI and wonder if my ovulation day is still cd#16? or does clomid actually change ovulation time? Please if you can give me advice, I would love that. Thank you so much, I look forward to your response.

    • says

      Hi Dawn.
      Thanks for your comment. Clomid does change your ovulation cycle and any time you see two lines indicates ovulation. Please don’t worry about contacting your physician or nurse. They are there to answer your questions and infertility nurses know how concerned patients are. It appears that you might have to wait until next month for your new ovulation cycle but please confirm with your doc. Keep the faith. Everything happens in due time. I wish you the best.

      • says

        Dear Dr. Galloway,

        Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, it is exactly what I need. I tried the Clear Blue Ovul. kit this morning and it is good in that it is easy to read and took the guess work out of the test, and it was great to know that I had not ovulated yet! I went for the us today and there are two follicles, 22m and 26m, and we are doing the IUI tomorrow 12/14 and Saturday 12/15. I also had the HCG injection today. So I am praying that the IUI works this time. Thank you so much again!!! And I hope you have a great day. :) Dawn

  37. says

    Hello I took thhe ovalatiin test and got a dark pink mark right away. Within ten min I also got a faint pink line.Please what does this mean.I have been taking prenatal vitamins I read this helps if your trying to get pregnant.

  38. says

    I took the ovulation predictor for 4 days now. During the 1st day there are 2 lines but the test line is very faint. During the 2nd day the test line is a bit darker. 3rd and 4th day the test line is darker and defined. Does this mean I am ovulating or should I take a pregnancy test? I had my period dec24 and took the ovulation predictor on day 11 or jan 4.

  39. Laura says

    Hi Dr. I have been using this brand of ovulation test and checking my cervical mucus daily for the past week. I have 28-31 day cycles and I started testing day 12. I have had two lines everyday that I test but they are faint. Have I possibly ovulated? I’m trying to pinpoint my ovulation because i am doing artificial insemination and I can onlyinseminate once a month, donor sperm is expensive! lol

  40. Aline says

    Hi dr. Linda I have a question I’m 6dpo and I been using the ovulation kit for first time and I’m still having medium lines still on my ovulation kits wasn’t it suppose to go away?

    • says

      Hi Aline. Thanks for your question. I’m not sure I know what “po” means. Post-ovulation? If you still see 2 lines on the kit it means that the LH hormone is still present. Everyone has different lengths in terms of ovulation so your might be longer than someone else’s. You can always purchase another brand to see if the same thing happens. If so, then you know truly your cycle is longer than average which means that you have a better chance of becoming pregnant. Hope this helps. Thanks for your comment and please don’t forget to “follow” this blog and Twitter, and “like” us on Facebook.

  41. says

    Hello, I am so happy I came across this site. I am finding out so much helpful information, I have a question when is the best time to take ovulation test throughout the day? Do results come more accurate depending on time of day? Also I would like to know if for some reason Umay feel that it might be trouble with the male not the female where is the best place to get checked?. Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to reply !

    • says

      Hi Krystal,
      Thanks for your kind words. The best time to take the ovulation test is the first morning urine because it is concentrated. If you suspect there’s a problem with your male partner, consult with a reproductive endocrinologist who will refer you to a male infertility specialist. Good luck and keep us informed.

  42. channing says

    my husband and i have been trying for about 4 months to have a sencond baby. i have been paying close attention to my body the last little while. my periods have changed they used to be really long about 40-50 days inbetween now the last 3 have been about 32-36 days apart, i dont know if this while cause a problem or make it easier, but about 2 weeks before i should have my period i get sharp pains in my side and i have a egg white discharge is that a sign of ovulation? i am going to get an ovulation kit from the dollar store today. but if you can answer and let me know if the things my body is doing is normal that would be awesome thanks

  43. channing says

    i took the ovulation test this morning it had two pink lines but the one was faint it said on the box it should be dark but when i have taken an ovulation test before from the dollar store it had no line so could it still be positive?

  44. zinny says

    i have 26 days mensural cycle and i checked my ovulation with this one dollar kit starting from the eight day after my period up till the twelveth day and got a very faint pink and then the thirteenth day was thicker but not thicker than the control colorl, this was the same color i got last month and after trial my period came out, does it mean that i dont ovulate or that my body does secrete enough LH hormone for conception or what?

  45. says

    Many experts and books agree that charting your
    menstrual cycles and basal temperature can predict
    ovulation. There aren’t really any guarantees when it comes
    to getting pregnant. The only warning would be to
    make certain you don’t lift the hips too high.

  46. Suzan says

    Hi doctor!
    I would like to know if there are 2 lines but one of them is lighter is it still positive?
    And because its light colored does it mean i’m begining to ovulate? Or should i wait for a dark line to “try”

  47. heather says

    We have been ttc number 2 for the past. nine months and have used these this month…we started late on opks this month so it was cd 14 and was darker than control within a minute….then for the next few days till i ran out was still very very dark with no hold…is this odd?

  48. Kylie Raney says

    Doctor i took a dollar store ovulation test and it came out positive one line was darker than the othe ive been having prego symptoms such as vomiting,getting very tired for no reason my boobs hurt and worse of all my hips are really sore…i was wondering if a ovulation test can detect early pregnancy…my period was suspose too start a week ago…could you help with advice?

  49. Jalissa says

    Hello Dr. I ran across your blog as I was looking up the ovulation kit that I had just purchased at my local dollar tree, && I have few questions. My husband && I have just started trying to conceive, but my problem is I don’t know when to start testing..please help

    • Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway says

      Hi Jalissa,
      You need to start keeping a record of when your period comes. Some women put the day of their 1st menstrual period on their calendar. Try to get an idea of how many days your cycle is i.e., 28 days? 30 days? Once you’ve done that, start using the test on day # 10 of your cycle and continue testing for the next 4 to 5 days or until you get a positive sign of ovulation. The kits used usually have strips that changes colors when ovulation. If you get a color change, have sex with your husband for the next 2 nights. Hope this helps.

  50. Lynn says

    I bought a ovulation test and got to lines my right side is very sensitive and I had sex a day and a half later it was really wet and slippery could I get pregnant doctor

    • Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway says

      If your ovulation test was positive, you certainly could. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you should have intercourse for at least 72 hours (or three days) once the ovulation kit is positive. Thanks for your comments and good luck.

  51. Kaitlyn Brown says

    I bought the dollar trees ovulation test and I have gotten my second positive ovulation test for the second day in a row. Is that correct? Normal? I’m confused..

    • Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway says

      Yes, Kaitlyn, it’s normal and congratulations. You’re ovulating. The egg is released by the ovary and hangs around for three days so if you’re trying to get pregnant, this would be the opportune time to try to conceive. Good luck and thanks for reading my blog.

  52. says

    Thanks for your comment Roxanne. According to the medical studies done by a physician’s group in Pennsylvania (see previous blog post on the dollar pregnancy test) revealed that it is 99% accurate and is just as effective as name brands.

    Don’t be fooled by it being sold in a dollar store. The manufacture is attempting to contain medical costs which is admirable. Most generic medications are just as effective as name brands. There are physician offices that buy them from the Dollar Tree store because they’re cheaper than if they bought them from a retail or wholesale supplier.

    Using an ovulation kit is pretty straight forward if you follow the directions listed on the kit. However, if in doubt, wonsult with your healthcare practitioner. Again, thanks for your comment.

  53. says

    Hi Susan, thanks for your comments. Based on your description, I’d probably maintain abstinence for another 48 hours, if it’s still negative, then it’s probably okay to proceed. However, you should contact your personal physician to verify this. Thanks again for your comments.

  54. jeni says

    the dollar tree brands work great!! i had bought an “expensive” test and tested possitive with a light line used my first mornings urine etc.. then later that day went to dollar tree then to walmart and took dollar tree test in the bathroom and positive result with a way darker line then the expensive test!! my only complaint is they never seem to have the ovulation kits all the time i have to go to diffrent cities at diffrent times to find them.. but other then that they are awesome!!1


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